1. The Unwanted Letter

    Most EXPENSIVE Piece Of Equipment You Regret Buying!

    What is one piece of equipment that you have bought that every time you look at it your soul aches cause of how much you spent on it?
  2. freppy

    Outdoor recording - what accessories are good?

    I record most of my videos outdoors since I don't really have any good indoor spaces I can record in... I have been using basics so far - my camera (Canon 650D), with a mic (Rhode Videomic Go), and a flexible tripod (Gorillapod). I am looking at improving my setup to try to get better quality...
  3. Trey Miller

    Other Looking g to collaborate with gun and sport shooting Enthusiast

    Looking to collaborate on a video with other gun and sport shooting enthusiasts.
  4. Rieverze

    Basic Filming Gear (Help needed)

    Hello Fam! As of right now I want to make sure I am going to have the right gear in the future. So I kind of want to make a list with gear so I can have optimal equipment. Ofcourse I will look up the prices later, I just want to make sure I don't miss out on this little thing that can improve...
  5. UnicycleFight

    Best Versatile Camera in the $600-800 Range?

    I'm thinking DSLR or Mirrorless. I need it to do good indoor and outdoor shooting. I am currently investing in some cheap but professional lighting for indoor stuff so it doesn't need to be so great for low light. If you have example footage on your channel I'd love to see it!!!
  6. Branden Morales


  7. JRuncie

    GoPro Hero 5 Black WARNING!

    Just a heads up. We're uploading our experience with GoPro over the last week and a bit. In short we've now through 2 and working on our third Hero 5 Black. First the back screen died within 24 hours. The second had water leak into it without being fully submerged. We've captured footage of this...
  8. AM2PM

    Do you DIY?

    I love looking around at all the professional gear that people have, but I don't have the budget to buy anything. My wife says I can buy stuff when I make it big, so basically never. I do love trying to make stuff myself, so I've gone the DIY route for some of our stuff. We just got a new...
  9. Michael Lebert

    How'd you get the money for your equipment/gear?

    I'm working at McDonalds and getting no more than 10 hours a week which sucks,I'm working on finding a better job within the next 3-5 months. I could also make money on the side by fixing things or flipping stuff off craigslist If I really wanted to since I have tools and am pretty handy. I just...