1. AMX Gaming

    Dear God No...| The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

    It's a sad day ladies and gentlemen we have lost a valuable and very important member, find out how this tragedy happened in this... the walking dead: a new frontier episode Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  2. Pichu

    OVERWATCH TYPICAL RAGE - Overwatch Competitive #1

    Skip to 04:30 and 05:55 for the rage! LOL he was so mad!
  3. AMX Gaming

    POISONING KOKONA | Yandere Simulator | Tuesdays With Senpai

    In this yandere episode we start it off exploring and formulating a plan to poison everyone with cookies, we later on make it our purpose in life to poison kokona one of our many rivals in the quest to make senpai ours. Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  4. AMX Gaming

    This Indie Horror game Ruined My Facecam. VHS

    Video Horror Story (V.H.S) the idea of this game is amazing, you get to use frequencies from a v.h.s like picture to detect objects, including the monsters trying to kill you. The only problem to this indie horror game is that the picture gets so distorted that it also destroys the face cam, i...
  5. AMX Gaming

    Run For Your Life | Amnesia The Dark Descent

    We get chased by the monster in this amnesia the dark descent gameplay, we are trying to help agrippa out of his chains and we are very close to making the necessary ingridients to take on alexander. Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  6. BigBryanGames

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard playthrough Part 1 /// WELCOME TO THE SPOOKY, SON!

    I have started a Let's Play of Resident Evil 7. It's also my first time doing face cam! I don't know what to think (aside from maybe I need to get a new microphone). Any feedback/likes/subscribes/etc. would be appreciated, if you like the content. ^_^
  7. AMX Gaming

    Ghost Revealed | Locked Fears Finale

    In this locked fears gameplay, we reach the final episode, and the ghost or spirit hunting us is revealed, find out who it was n this playthrough. Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  8. AMX Gaming

    Gal Gun: Double Peace | Final Episode...? | Tuesdays With Senpai

    In this tuesdays with senpai we continue with gal gun: double peace gameplay, we see the final 2 chapters of this game, more girls to please and something weird happens in this let's play. Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  9. abkiller

    Gaming Guys or girls for a Gaming Group

    Hy i am looking to people to play with and make youtube videos. It doesnt matter how many subs you have I am on Playstation as :Abkiller- Twitter : AbkillerDaReal1
  10. The Gaming Potato

    Gaming Looking to record any game with you :)

    Hey all. i'm pretty new and am trying to upload everyday / otherday but I am in need of someone to come and collab with me so we can both grow our channels and our friendship :) Preferably 17+ As that is my age but I am not fussy, as long as you are mature and can take a joke. I mainly play PC...
  11. BG Crew

    The Yawhg: Where we lose all of our minds

    We make our own adventure and Delta Thrace loses his minds!
  12. Curly&Clueless


    Everyone has got to play this game it will make you laugh so hard!!
  13. Curly&Clueless


    i don't know if anyone has played this game before but it is hella funny
  14. CrystalNexxus

    Gaming Paladins Funny Moments Collaborations

    i'm looking for people to collab with, you need Paladins (its free), Skype or Discord, A Good Microfoon and thats it. if you wanna contact me just put your skype down here or ask for a dm My twitter is @ItzMetic

    ATTACK OF THE CHEESE BURGERS! | Star Wars battlefront

    so me and TTB are at it again with another star wars adventure! we are battling through the burning forest to make sure the rebels dont escape in walker assault! of course my editing is on point :0 jokes its awful but i hope you do enjoy the video!

    Star Wars battlefront | Welcome to the Dank side

    So the dank side has taken over! Will you join the dank empire or will you rebel against the memes and fight! Well I chose to fight like an idiot! Enjoy!
  17. JanPlays_

    Antichamber | Game Reviews | Like no other game you've ever played

    Hello everyone, today I'm reviewing AntiChamber! A game with a giant map full of illusions, tricks, clues and things that you have to find! This game is like no other game i've ever played. The ratings are very positive everywhere and I rate it 9.5/10 Please Subscribe if you enjoyed!
  18. J

    Gaming Looking for PC Collabs, Any Size Welcome

    Hello everyone, me and a group of small youtubers have gotten together and made a new discord channel for collab videos. I am trying to expand the discord channel for more chances of collabs. The discord channel is open to people wanted to collab. Age Range We are looking for people over 18...
  19. WeirdWolf

    Gaming Looking for enthusiastic Gamers to collaborate!

    Hello everyone, my name is WeirdWolf and i am looking for people to collab in future videos! Going to tell you the requirements/details first, then some stuff about me, including games i have in mind What type of videos? My previous collab videos have been both montages of funny moments ranging...
  20. Branden Morales


  21. Everything Supreme

    Almost Made Me Poop My Pants

    Hey Everyone I uploaded a new video today I would appreciate if you all would check it out maybe left some feedback and if you enjoyed it subscribe and leave a like. This was the first time I have uploaded a gaming video to my channel in awhile that wasn't a livestream so I'm still getting back...
  22. AliKat

    Is This A Good Idea!?!?

    Hey everyone, I've recently been wanting to play a game on my channel that's new and not over a year old, and I just pre-ordered a copy of the game The Last Guardian which will arrive on the 7th for me in Australia. Now this game, as most of you know, is highly anticipated and people will be all...
  23. Mr.raspberryxd


    We on a henny hunt we on a money hunt but at the end of the day all we did was catch those L's If you guys like the video.... SHARE it with your freinds! theyll enjoy it too and LIKE!!! COMMENT!!!!!!! and even SUBSCRIBE TO YA BOII!!!!!!!!!
  24. Tuurngait Gaming

    Hermitcraft is pretty neat

    Hey! I'm Tuurngait! So Hermitcraft is a Minecraft modpack and it's pretty neat. The caves are rich with minerals and there's so many different mods to go through and use. Industrialcraft is pretty rad. Anyways check it out! There's even another forest within the cave.
  25. ICEMonk71

    Gaming Wanting to Collab on PC, Any Size Channel Welcome

    Hello there me and a few friends are wanting to collaborate with other YouTube and possibly make some friends too :D however we have a few requirements Age Range We are looking for people who are in the 18+ category or very close to it to join our mature gaming community, plus we're all in...
  26. AjaxGLHF

    Review my first Video???

    Hi guys, i'm pretty new to YouTube so i was wondering if anyone could give me some honest feedback on my first video. iv decided to start off making gaming videos and if that doesn't take off then ill change and start making programming tutorials (or possibly both!!) but for the mean time i'm...
  27. AliKat

    Using Instagram for Promoting Videos and Getting Subs?

    Hey guys! I've been looking into doing some better promoting to grow as a channel, seeing as my growth so far has been fairly slow (then again I'm not sure what's considered slow at this point hahaha). I've been posting gaming videos for a little bit more than a week and I've nearly hit 30 subs...
  28. HeavyTbone

    Gaming Join Our Collaboration Team!!! (PS4 and PC)

    Hello, my name is HeavyTbone (15). I'm looking for people to recruit for our collaboration team!!! I want to create a collaboration team in which you can be part of. This can help the both of us grow in subscribers and views (so it helps us both!!!). If you're interested in my offer, please...
  29. O

    How does YouTube gaming app display videos?

    I'm confused how YouTube gaming app selects what videos to show. If I type in my YouTube channel in the gaming app nothing shows up but Adele shows up for some songs of hers put to minecraft but the category is music and my videos under the category music doesn't show up. Is it based on tags...
  30. AliKat

    Channel/Video Review Please! [Girl Gamer]

    Hey guys, Been doing youtube for about a week and I'm still super camera shy so my commentary isn't too good, but I was wondering if you guys could please give me feedback on my latest video and my channel? It would really mean a lot :) x Channel...