1. Mark Stise

    The gift of kindness

    The Gift of Kindness Is a video done by Mark Stise to show that its okay to be kind to one another. Videos by videoblocks which is royalty free Music Ave-Maria by audioblocks which is royalty free Clips include Charlie Chaplin The Great...
  2. SheepDreams


    Plz guve me da lykes b0s, I need new meth.
  3. Randicade

    Gaming Looking for some Genuine YouTubers.

    I've been looking to make some long-lasting friendships on the internet with people for a while, so I figured I'd check here. Message me if you want to do a Collab at some point, I would seriously love to get to know some of you. I make Gaming Videos, Vlogs, Comedy Sketches, Commentary, and much...
  4. LovelyWillow

    Gaming Creating my first youtube channel. LF PC Gamers

    Hey Everyone. The name's Willow. I'm putting together my first youtube channel as like a little personal project and I'm looking for people to maybe play some games with. I'm open to many games but I don't have the biggest budget right now. Please be mature and professional. Games I currently...
  5. R

    Gaming LOOKING FOR 4 YOUTUBERS FOR A COLLAB [I have an Idea that may end in a friendship that will last]

    Alright so, 1st thing I want to give a little Backstory, Since 2010 I've been wanting to do YouTube Since I First watched "UberHaxorNova" & that went to "The Creatures" and if you have heard of them or Watched them in there Gloy Days [2011-2014] You know that they are a Group of YouTubers that...
  6. DOFL02 Productions

    NERF-Hostage Film Series

    A film series based on a world of NERF Guns that kills with some darker story. Set in Singapore & Hong Kong (3rd film)
  7. LegallyBlack

    Comedy Anyone down to collaborate and build a friendship?

    I just recently restarted my channel with my buddy and we would like to expand our YouTube opportunities by collaborating with you guys! It would be great if we could grow together. I think if we get a bunch of small YouTubers with similar channels we can all help each other greatly and rise in...
  8. Nessa

    Other Starting a Collab Channel?

    Hi. I was wondering if someone would like to start a collab channel (You still keep your main channel). We would be posting daily videos (once a week per person) and having weekly themes. Age 14 - 17 or around that. And every week someone gets to chose the theme. Whether it’s from our group...
  9. sphamedia

    Does anyone have any knowledge of anime or shintoism?

    Hey guys, im making a series about anime and its shintoism relations, I've made a few videos but what i really need is a group of friends i can talk to about it. People who have an interest in this kind of stuff, because I've been stuck on a few things, like what is the literal translation of...
  10. DoubleDoki

    They are a pain... but I kind of enjoy the attention =)

    Its weird but whenever a copyright claim drops on my videos (before I kindly ask them to stop - and they listen most of the time thankfully) I say wow at least you're getting some automated legal attention which in turn forces said artist to MAYBE see what you are working with. I have actually...
  11. C

    Gaming Youtube US Minecraft/CSGO Collab Looking for friends :D

    Hey my name is Callidrak and I'm 16 years old, and I just started a Youtube gaming channel, I try very hard to produce good content and don't worry, I value everyone that would want to make a video with me, I do Minecraft Prison, on OPMines I have high rank so that might be good, I can also do...
  12. B


    hey guys! im new here! wanna make some friends so that we can collab in the future! my youtube channel is BeagleLover ( KeyzNg ) i need help too! i changed my username to BeagleLover from KeyzNg, but youtube still doesn't show BeagleLover in the channels filter but when i search KeyzNg, it shows...
  13. JoanneMarie

    Meet Up/Gathering British Speakers in Germany? Or Somerset in UK or Nottingham?

    Now this is confusing and probably a shot in the dark..are there any Youtubers who are British or speak English in Germany willing to Collab/Meet up? I am also in Somerset in the UK (not sure when though!) and I will be in Nottingham for Christmas. I haven't even started my channel yet so...
  14. HavocHall

    30 Subscribers Milestone!- Welcome to HavocHall!

    Hello! We are HavocHall. We are a new channel on Youtube that just hit our first 30 Subscribers earlier this week! We are a "Let's Play" team and we are just getting into the youtube scene. We want to branch out into the community and make cool and interesting content. Please follow us and give...
  15. Luke Smith

    Meet Up/Gathering Hello There

    My Name is Luke Smith, I am new to youtube and currently have 20 subscribers, I am 17 years old and I am looking for people in East Sussex In the UK to collab with etc. I am really exited to be starting youtube and would love to be able to meet some of you.
  16. PrettyGamer

    The start of the year video

    Hi guys this is a celebration video of my daughter for completing her 200 subscriber milestones. We like to thank everyone who has been supporting her channel and also my yttalk friencess who joined our Question and answer special! Thanks guys! @Callan Wills @Seano1 @Jawad Soomro @SaturJay and...
  17. darkstarmedia

    OSCAR | A Film For Katharina

    Last month, a friend and I were invited up to Cornwall to capture some final moments between our friend Katharina and her dog, Oscar - who is dying. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness in late 2015, so I put this video together in his honour. I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I...
  18. Bryan S

    Gaming Pc friends collab or long term partnership

    me and my partner are looking for 2 people to collaborate with on our youtube channel for minecraft, and a few other pc games. Minecraft Username: Waytodawn2291 & Twobecomeone2377 Platform I play on: PC Age: 24 & 38 Gender: Male Country/Timezone: USA, Eastern Standard Time How someone should...