1. GamingRack

    The second Verdun video is now live, check it out!!!

    Time to bring out the big guns, AKA The Heavy Artillery. If you liked this video let me know and give me some suggestions on what to play next!!! Follow me over on the social media's Twitter: @gamingrack Instagram: gamingrack
  2. GamingRack

    That got way too real at the end haha | Insurgency

    Yeah I was not expecting that to happen when I joined the server at the end haha. Too real brah. If you enjoyed the video let me know and give me suggestions on what to play next! follow me over on the social media's Twitter: @gamingrack instagram: gamingrack
  3. GamingRack

    The Verdun video is FINALLY UP!!!

    Im so glad I was able to finally do a video on verdun and rest assured it wont be the last also apologies for the loud gameplay I will try to remember to turn it down abit next time If you enjoyed the video let me know, Oh and give me ideas of what to play next. If you want you can follow me...
  4. Ninja

    DADDY ISSUES | Rainbow Six Siege | Funny Moments

    Leave a 'LIKE', all the cool kids are doing it! You're cool right?
  5. iPwnR

    New monitor to fix video blur? 1080p

    Hello everyone, I'm very sorry if this has been posted about before, but after 15 minutes of searching I couldn't really find the answers I was looking for. This may be a long post but I want all the details here so nobody needs to ask for any other information. I've spent the past year (A...
  6. Callum Macdonald

    Not My Wife!: Fallout 4 #1

    Whats up guys! CalciumKing here and today we are starting up my new Fallout 4 series. I wasnt much of a big fallout player, ive only played some of new vegas before on xbox 360, but this game Ive really enjoyed from the get go. The graphics are great and the gameplay is very good. This is going...
  7. Vesta

    Please Check Out My Gaming Channel! :)

    :bounce::bounce::bounce:Hello there, I would love some constructive criticism on my intro, recording quality, and my banner, and profile picture. I just started posting and I am wanting to grow my channel. Please visit me at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBoj4G44mxFouAcWBj0E7SQ Thank you so...
  8. DZaw

    I need some editing advice

    I just finished a my second video edit and it would be great if I could get some advice on how to improve I believe it is better than my last one. Next video my focus will be to have better video effects and cleaner picture. Any review would be very helpful and if you don't know much about...
  9. GamingwithNick

    COD Black Ops 3 Montage

  10. WarriorDan

    Let's Play: Hawken | Part 2 [Gameplay/Walkthrough]

    WarriorDan gets suited up in full mech armor for this explosion-filled Let's Play of Hawken, the popular mech-based MMOFPS, currently on Steam now! Check out some awesome Hawken gameplay now, and please do check out the rest of my channel! I upload new gameplay videos 2-3 times a week! Check...