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  1. Lost Paradise

    HELP! Editing ideas

    Basically my old youtube channel took a long time to build up but now i have moved into a new niche, and im struggling to get people to my channel, what would be the best way to get organic viewers. Im also loooking to get new ideas in editing. I also want subscribers so people can follow for...
  2. B

    Other I need voice actors, a script writer or two, and maybe some video editors

    I would like to make a Gacha series that actually continues, whenever I start a project I get bored of it quickly and end up not doing anything. When other people are in on the creation it tends to keep me motivated since there are so many different ideas floating around. I don't necessarily...
  3. earthpages

    Non-destructive editing?

    So I blurred some faces in a video, saved it privately, and then noticed I missed a face. If I edit the already saved video will this be a destructive or non-destructive edit? I don't want to start all over from the beginning but probably would if just adding one more blur is destructive...
  4. VRONA

    Picking the Best Video Editing Software for You!

    In this thread I want to go over exactly how to get the right editing software for you. I want to do this after I noticed lot's of people fall into a trap of judging content by what editing software it was edited in. So first off, some background on what I use: When my channel first began 4...
  5. Derrick Toys

    How long does it take you to edit a video?

    Hi Tubers! Happy to say I started videos on my free time with a new job schedule and I would appreciate tips/advice on your editing routine. Is there shortcuts I could follow? I find that saving video links on notes is easy to copy and paste in descriptions along with default information for...
  6. Bayonett Priest

    search fir specific soundeffects for gamingvideo

    hey im looking for 2 soundeffects that would make my video 20 times better. 1. im looking for that sound when a text suddenly pops up and there is a dramatic dummmmmm. 2. im looking for a few souneffects when i got shot or gets killed. like minilad uses them in his csgo videos. i never found it...
  7. Tac0cann0n

    A Focus on Edits or not?

    I've been creating videos for a few years now, and it's gotten to the point where I am comfortable editing videos and adding my own personal twist to them. The question I have though is this; How much editing is too much editing? I want to create my content to be as entertaining as possible...
  8. Kat Theo

    Do you think my voice is annoying?

    Hello, all thank you for taking the time to read this. I have just started re-making videos and I can see my improvement in quality but not with views. My content is usually me ranting about my experiences ect. which before sometimes lasted for ten minutes. I wanted to cut down my videos...
  9. Ballistic


    Hey guys I was wondering if you could check out one of my more recent videos ( youtube.com/ballisticc ) and tell me what I could do to improve my editing and make it look more official, and a lot more humorous. I use Sony Vegas Pro 13
  10. xBlazingStar94x

    To those that edit for people: How did you build your rep?

    I am writing a report on freelance editing and considering YouTube is a good place to do that in nowadays, I am looking for some people to talk to. I am interested in how you guys started out and how long it took you to build a good reputation. So do talk to me below or PM me. I want to work as...
  11. alice541

    Using Software and edit video movies from the software

    hi all ! My name is Mai Nguyen I need people to help, using video editing software, one of which 1 Software CyberLink PowerDirector Corel VideoStudio Pro Adobe Premier AVS Video Editor Final Cut Pro Sony Vegas Pro Lightworks 2 video editing software I need people to help. edit video movies from...