1. YourNameHere

    What is going on with all this YouTube drama?

    Hey guys, Just wanted to get a discussion started, I don't really know what my opinions are on this topic. I was wondering what you guys thought about the rise of YouTube drama? There are news channels that are all about highlighting mistakes and drama that happens in the community now, and it...
  2. Tyhd

    YouTube 'Drama'

    What do you guys think of the recent YouTube drama? Bigger YouTubers seem to be feeding off the drama recently (Not just Drama Alert but GradeAUnderA, Santoro etc.) Now I like all of these channels and Drama Alert is an entertaining show but I really don't understand why they act like they hate...
  3. Shehzad

    My Thoughts On Drama Channels - Rant

    What's up guys bringing you another commentary today discussing drama channels. Why I think they are bad but can do a whole lot of good for the community and sometimes they actually have done so in the past.
  4. paigelknowles

    So sometimes I just have to vlog vent to get over it...

    I didn't realize how ridiculous this video was until just now but hey it made me laugh so I'm sure it will make some others do the same. Make sure you watch all the way to the end because the end is by far the best part!
  5. paigelknowles

    Do you want to laugh your butt off at my expense?!?!?!

    Then watch this!!!! LOL I filmed my encounter with a giant wolf spider the other day and posted it to the internet for all of the world to see!! Here you go:
  6. GrgakGames

    Leafyishere H3H3 production feud?

    So H3H3 productions made a video about Leafyishere pretty much saying that his channel is clickbait cancer. Which it is. Every title he has is pretty garbage. Heres an image. In one of his videos he makes fun of a kid that mostly made positive videos. I mean they were a bit cringy but...
  7. rmenga4

    A sneak peek at Never Stop Believing in You

    Here's a sneak peek of my new show, Never Stop Believing in You.