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  1. RagingTaurus

    Gaming Looking for other YouTubers who are funny and play cs-go

    Hi there. I'm looking for other youtubers who always makes people laugh and plays csgo. If you want to collab with me reply or dm me on twitter. You can also add me on discord. If you add me on discord just message me “I heard you are looking for funny you tubers who play csgo” and I’ll know...
  2. Jolttix

    Gaming Looking for Funny Moment Channels!

    Hey. My name is Jolttix, I am not good at video games, but I am good at funny moments. I'm in a small group of YouTubers that make funny moment videos and I'm just looking around for another person or two. If you have a funny moments channel and play games like CS:GO, Garry's Mod, or Fortnite...
  3. Creeforple

    Gaming Gaming collab

    Hi everyone i am Creeforple i don't have any subs atm because i restarted my channel because of alot of inactive subs, But me and my friends are looking for some people to play and record the following games Ark Survival Evolved (We have a server) GMod GTAV CS:GO Minecraft (we kinda have a...
  4. T

    Gaming (PC) Collab To Help Grow Your Channel

    I need you, to help me make this amazing content, ill shout you out, post ur link and help you grow, and ill I want is to be shouted out to so we can grow together and become the next vannosgaming. I have 473 subs Requirements --------------------- - Good Mic - Skype - Your own Youtube Channel...
  5. B

    Gaming pc collaboration

    requirements gta 5 cs go call of duty bo1-bo3 and waw a mic hit puberty not a cuck or sjw or White Knight steam: bigcam
  6. J

    Gaming [pc] collab cs go funny moments

    i'm a 13 year old guy wanting to collab with someone (13+ and you need a good mic i have 0 subs)
  7. PrimosPrime

    Dose anyone have any tips on how to get 50 subs quick

    My goal for the end of this December is to gain 50 subs. But its kinda hard since nobody really knows who i am and i don't really know how to promote my self leaving me stuck at 17 subs. that's why i need help if you have any tactics please reply to this post thank you :bounce:
  8. MechMaster

    Gaming What is your craziest gaming experience?

    The two craziest things i've witnessed my friend do in a game is get a quad feed in cs:go with the awp and get another quad feed kill with in overwatch with mccree's "its high noon" attack, so tell me, what's your craziest experience?
  9. MechMaster

    Gaming Gmod, CS:GO, Overwatch, basically pc games collab

    Yo guys, we're looking for someone to collab with, if you want to contact us about it then here's our Skype: Skype: pokeguy981 my friend's Skype: modder67 just be sure to let me know you're from the YTalk forums, I'll check out your channel and we'll accept or reject your request something just...
  10. MKS37LOTUS


    ________________________________________________________________________________________ ->ABOUT THE COLLABORATION If your interested in for collaborating with me, add my Skype and also join my discord because discord is what i'm mostly on now a days...

    Gaming Recruiting "Okay" CS:GO players to join my new team "Zentag"

    Want to join a Brand new small cs:go team? if yes then your in the right place. I am recruiting cs:go channels or just people who upload cs:go content to join a brand new team. The reason i'm making a team is because i have always seen awesome teams get so hyped when there going in to game or...
  12. L

    Gaming Searching for pc gaming collab

    Hi, My Real Name is Mehdi My YouTube channel is LuckyBoy i don't have a lot of subscribers i only have 5 cause i don't have anybody to record game plays with (i have some friends but they don't want me to record them playing) I like to collaborate with someone The Game That I LIKE To Play...
  13. CraftinJoey

    CraftinJoey... :)

    Hey! You found my thread! I'm a Youtuber that posts things like.....Minecraft CounterStrike:GO And TubeTycoon So if you like any thing I mention check out the channel :)
  14. LunaNoshi

    Super Cool CS:GO Ace!

    Wow! Amazing! Cool! Much ace!
  15. C

    Gaming Looking for people to colab with!

    I just recently started on Youtube! I make videos like funny moments, gameplays, commentaries, and other stuff. I have only posted 3 videos, one of which was an introduction, but the other two are on Rainbow Six Siege. I play games like Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Rocket League, and H1Z1! If you...
  16. DerpyBudder

    Gaming PC Gamers for CS : GO, Minecraft, Toribash, and other games

    Hey! My name's the Derpy Budder and welcome to this thread! I am looking for PC gamers to collab with. I play games like Minecraft, CS : GO, Toribash, and some others. I am 12 years old and becoming 13 soon but don't worry, I am mature. Anyway! If you want to collab send me a message on skype at...