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  1. N

    Services FREE Music Library for content creators

    Hi everybody!! To anyone looking for music for their YouTube videos I have a website where I share all my music for FREE. No need to sign up, pay for a subscriptions etc. All files can be downloaded as either a high quality MP3 or WAV file. Unlike a lot of libraries I offer only ONE type of...
  2. sfonseka

    Regarding Creative Commons

    I have downloaded a creative common video. I want to re upload it to my channel. But there are so many links in the description of the original video. Should I add those links to re uploaded video? Or can i upload with my links?
  3. Ivana Kinsley

    Can you still make money off of creative Commons on YouTube after their update in 2019?

    Last year we can make money using Youtube creative commons video like affiliate,cpa or any other task. But after 2019 update creative commons video stop their service? Is it all country or selected country.
  4. Lukas Kade

    Allowing other channels to use my videos to gain exposure

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to get your opinions on whether or not you think it is a good idea to grant permission for other channels to reupload my videos in exchange for them crediting me and linking to my channel in their descriptions. I thought this might be a good way to gain extra...
  5. T

    Trying to find this piece of copyright free music

    I am trying to find this piece of music used in the video link below for my video however it is taking a day and age to find it that, I am giving up. Can any of you please identify it? If not, don't worry, as I would like to know if there is a quick way of identifying the name of the track...
  6. E

    Proper attribution for a edited Creative Commons image

    Hey, i wanna use following image in one of my videos: See image 1, the source is wikimedia commons. But the original source is flickr. But here it still has its background. See image 2. So do i have to refer to the source as wikimedia or flickr? And if i refer to flickr, do i have to...
  7. Fox Beat

    This music is dope!!

  8. I

    Questions about Creative Commons videos

    Hi, I would like to ask about the use of creative commons videos on youtube. I know its the type of license that give you permission to use the video even for commercial use, but what is the limit of that, I mean is it ok even to just reupload the entire video on your channel without any...
  9. S

    Creating a Top 5 Product channel, advice

    Hey there everyone, I have done a good bit of digging on this topic and am finding it very difficult to find any information whatsoever. As we all know there are countless Channels out there which create videos around a topic such as, "Top 5 Inventions that will BLOW our mind". Creators...

    Creative Commons, Fair Use, Attribution

    I see many of the big newsy sites do compilations like, "Dogs afraid of their shadows", that consist of several YouTube clips, and they give attribution to the YT channel with tiny watermarks. Are they covered to use the clips if the original videos are marked Creative Commons, or are they...
  11. neiro

    I'm going crazy. Music?

    Yes. Music. I've tried to find a good thread about this but didn't succeed. Where do people find the music they use? I've seen other channels do videos like mine and they use a lot of good music and I don't understand where/how they can use it without getting in trouble. I like to throw together...
  12. S

    Got a copyright claim on a CC-BY song [resolved]

    I'm so confused. :confused: When I went song-hunting I specifically looked for CC BY songs because I thought I'd be free to monetize the videos if I wished, but now my newest video got claimed. * The song has a Creative Commons CC-BY license on SoundCloud * CC-BY means free for commercial use...
  13. zaffron

    Creative Common Video Audio

    hi everybody I am wondering: can i extract any audio from a video which is attributed as "Creative Commons Attribution license" and i use it accordingly within my video content. ???? My main concern is: if that video which already used a copyrighted audio file within its content, then how it...
  14. Mattaxol

    Less credits in description? - Is this allowed?

    Before I start, I apologise for any mistakes in here as I am not very knowing on the topic of copyright, but I think I have the basics down. So, I use a bunch of songs that require me, as part of the C.C license, to put in a bunch of text to credit for each song I use, to be able to use it...
  15. FoldingNotes

    Other You May Use My Stuff For Remixing

    I have decided to license my, photos, and artwork under the Creative Commons Attribution as a service to everyone around here and the Internet. All you need to do is credit me, and that's all. The Internet is lacking a few things to be honest, including good content, so I am deciding to break...
  16. ChineseIrish

    Royalty Free Music?

    Not sure if this is where this post goes but anyway. I'd like to know if you guys know of a good place for good quality royalty free music? I know about the youtube audio library but the more variety the better. A cool place that I found is Bensound.