cover songs

  1. Bentura Madrid

    I love the 80's compilation

    Hi, everyone. I did an eighties compilation of some instrumentals I've recorded, enjoy! :0)
  2. R

    Music Musician Looking for Collaborations

    Hi! Im a saxophonist on youtube looking to do collaborations with other musicians for any instrument or style on covers so we can grow together
  3. Koji Kobura

    Dua Lipa - IDGAF MPK Cover

    Hi! I made this cover using Ableton Live 10.
  4. Koji Kobura

    Alan Walker - Faded MPK Cover

    Hi! I made this remake using FL Studio 12 and my Akai MPK Mini. What do you think?
  5. shauna

    Help me out with my channel content/niche!

    sorry this is really long but i need some advice lol So I have been making covers for about 5 years now and I no longer want to do as many covers anymore as I dont want to be known as a cover artist. I know its good to have a niche channel but if im not uploading covers every week I cant...
  6. E

    YouTube Music Policies Artist/Song Copyright Search Not Working

    Hi Everyone, I'm getting into doing more cover song videos. I only learned about the /music_policies page recently that shows the copyright restrictions for all songs. When I used the search function before, I was able to find any artist and song I looked up. Since a day or two ago, almost...
  7. Paola Varela

    How to handle copyright claims in cover songs?

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked before. I want to start doing cover songs for a while before uploading my own music. How can I proceed with this? Can I use a song with my voice on it or is this going to get me a strike? What about playing a song in an instrument? If you have any...
  8. QueenGabriella

    Feedback on Latest Video?

    Hey homies! So basically I just want some feedback on my videos. As of now I have good feedback, but any criticism is always appreciated. Soo if you'd please, check out my video below! (or I mean you can check out all of them but- wait what was my point again?)
  9. AM2PM

    Do you make money on Cover Songs?

    How does that work? A group like Walk off the earth gets almost all its views from cover songs. They must be getting the ad revenue, right?
  10. thisisshari

    How can I make this better?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to grow my YouTube channel and would love feedback on how to make better content and increase retention. I'm trying to post covers at least once a week and I'm trying to be diverse with the different song choices I have. I like to also write remixes to some songs...
  11. O

    can a MCN that lets you monetize cover songs still have video pulled by copyright owners?

    Someone is telling me that even if you are with a MCN like FullScreen or We Are The Hits that the copyright owners can still take down your video. I'm finding this hard to believe. If you talk to FullScreen or We Are The Hits who actually partner with each other they both tell me that they get...