content creation

  1. Rein171

    Gaming Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0

    Who here likes war games? Come join..!! we share the gameplay here,. You can also see my channel to see the games I play. currently I play "Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0" game,. what game do you guys play,.?? Let's talk about the game here Share information and what games do you like,.!? My...
  2. E

    Tips for Content Creators

    Hey guys. We put together an article offering some foundational advice for content creators. Content creation is not a fad. It's here to stay and also a necessity for brands and businesses striving to elevate their modern-day growth. Please let us know what you think...
  3. T


    The best free sound effects for YouTube video To get the sounds click HERE
  4. W

    First 15 subscribers

    Hey guys I’m just excited that I got my first 15 subscribers. I am posting high-quality review content. Do you have any feedback on how to grow your subscriber base and any testimonials on how you start it up and how you become successful in the YouTube community.
  5. kenziecantdraw

    How to Promote Content that Isn't What You're "Popular" For?

    To sum up my channel a bit: *I've been posting on YouTube since August 2018. *I took a six month break around December, right as my sub count started growing. *I just started posted again about a month ago, but I'm trying to change up my content because I'm not excited about the content that I...
  6. Jammy951

    Gaming Gaming and Collaborating Group

    Hey, I run a community on Discord with help of others. The group is set up as a gaming community but we do have streamers and video creators also, such as myself. We are looking to add more people to the community so people have more chance to collaborate with others (as work likes to get in the...
  7. S

    Gaming Looking for fellow youtube content creator for fortnite / other games PS4/PC

    Hi Everyone, I'm Strahan or to my very small channel community Strayhan Warrior. I'm 27 and from England, I have recently started a youtube gaming channel and am looking to network and grow my channel. I'm still finding my feet with the video's im putting out but I have plenty of ideas for...
  8. Jose Toribio

    Meet Up/Gathering NYC area boiiz or ONLINE

    Hey, everyone! I'm open to making videos with anyone. I can either meet up so we can think of something to film or we can speak on discord and plan from there. :-] Recently I have been trying to be more consistent with my content and posting regularly. We can meet online or in person! My name...
  9. PartTimeHero

    Gaming Looking for charismatic personalities. Gaming and Content creation.

    Hey there! You want to be creative, but your software knowledge and lack understanding of social media algorithms hold you back? :help: ☑ You are well spoken. ☑ You enjoy playing video games (or doing other things) and you would like to share your passion with others. ☑ You are a team player...
  10. RenOperative

    Video Essay: The Future Of Resident Evil

  11. RenOperative

    Gaming Searching For Chill, Enthusiastic YouTube Gamers Willing To Join A Gaming Collab Group

    Our goal: We’re extensively searching for proper, gaming candidates who are willing to start an organic relationship with a Discord group centered on nerd culture. We want to extend an olive branch with people who might be interested to join this opportunity for people who are interested in...
  12. T

    Can a website help your channel?

    Hi, I was thinking: what if i built a website with SEO approach connected to my channel, where i can write anything related to the work on my channel. If i make videos about gaming, i can write about new trend games. I'm a filmmaker too, so i can write about video and editing tips. All this to...
  13. HC.SameerPatil

    How often do you upload?

    Hi guys, I was just curious with everyone's upload schedule over a week's time frame. How often do you upload content on your channels and usually at what time? I try to upload 3-4 pieces of content every week on my channel and hope to increase my productivity as I learn this youtube thing :)
  14. dweebie

    How to grow a channel with little social media presence.

    So I've been creating content for about two months now, sticking to a schedule of one every other week and trying to create content that isn't garbage. I'm not sure how long it takes to actually see growth, but thus far I'm seeing very little. After two months I've got a total view count of...
  15. KirstyCakesss

    Where to get awesome free to use music?

    Hi guys. I have been browsing soundcloud, but was wondering if anyone here know where to find good music to use for my videos? I'm looking for electronic music, think Flume, Chainsmokers, etc.
  16. MadySan

    Wide Range Content?

    Hello! I created my channel for nail art videos but now I started uploading beauty related, lifestyle, comedy videos plus sometimes I post daily vlogs. Is my content range too wide for people to subscribe because they might not know what to expect frim me? Should I limit my channel to only one...
  17. Buck

    Is it possible to "RUIN" your channel?

    I say this because I am scared I have done this to mine and I almost feel like I have done some kind of damage to my own channel and it just upsets me to know the hours and hours of my time have been fruitless due to my own actions both in the past and in the present. Let me breifly explain the...
  18. Jbarker91

    Thumbnail and Video Content Correlation Review

    I apologize for the long title, but I wasn't quite sure how else to get the point across. My hope is that this thread will serve as a reference for anyone wondering how to best correlate their thumbnail to the content of their video. I have three specific videos that I'm wondering if there are...
  19. jjwickings

    What can I do to improve my content quality?

    I've been working pretty hard on my youtube stuff, but I'm just a little worried I'm not up to snuff. I really want to produce quality content, but I'm not sure where I might be going wrong. Here is a recent video I made that I had fun making and I thought was a good idea for a video: Thanks...