1. Cameron Arnold

    Comedy Wanna make Skits with ME

    I'm looking to start doing more collabs with people because i love meeting new people getting along with them and to help my channel and yours grows I have a couple video ideas that are like 3-5 minutes long one of these skits involve stupid trends if your interested contact me on instagram...
  2. W

    100+ Subscirbers for a comedy channel in 2 videos!:)

    Wohooo, first small milestone. Long way to go.
  3. Laitz


  4. Top 10 Productions

    ABC's but with Vine

  5. TyeDye

    Gaming Comedy

    Heeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!!! Im looking for a crew to record with, more specifically, Im looking for fellow youtubers, who want to do comedy gameplay together. I want to be able to get on my PS4/PC, and join a game with my "Partners", and we just meme around. I Mainly play on PS4, and I have been...
  6. OndaWire

    When a celebrity takes the camera to boost your video

    So I was at a comedy show and ran into Comedian Ryan Davis. We started talking and he asked what I did. I told him I was making YouTube videos and tells me, "Man pull out your phone and let me see one". lol I did (of course) and then he takes my phone and did this video promoting my channel. Was...
  7. Courtney Candice

    The best memes from 2017

  8. Courtney Candice

    Becoming a meme part 2

    I reanacted memes
  9. Courtney Candice

    Chubby bunny challenge

  10. Courtney Candice

    Song lyrics text prank on the girl slipknot scared

  11. OneManOneMic


    With about 1.3K subscribers I just passed 50K channel views :) I have been off my game for a bit but I now upload twice a week (every Tuesday and Thursday) and I've seen my average views per video go up! Really satisfying stuff! Now onto 100K views!
  12. Brito21

    Best Rapper Alive! Comedy Skit

    Complex magazine and XXL have called this rapper the best mumble rapper of this generation. In this exclusive interview he spits some rhymes and thinks hes better than Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and Lil Uzi Vert! Watch this comedy skit to see how he got his inspiration as a teen and how life was in...
  13. Quick Question

    Getting better at Comedy

    I have a comedy channel and while I'm pretty happy with my level of jokes and what not, I always want to improve. So I started reading this book called "Comedy Writing secrets" and it is very good so far. One tip/exercise that I am planning to try is to take 10 of my favorite performers, for...
  14. Courtney Candice

    I hate wearing glasses

  15. Courtney Candice

    Extremely warheads challenge

  16. K

    Comedy Casting New Unscripted Comedy Show!

    Push It Productions is currently casting L.A. based comedians who drive for a ride share company. Are you driving to support your love for comedy? Do you drive all day to do comedy all night? If so, we want to hear from you! Comics interested in auditioning must submit the following: NAME...
  17. Courtney Candice

    Chubby bunny challenge

  18. Courtney Candice

    Bean boozled challenge

  19. chillion


    Hey guys! I'm Chloe and I'm here to promote my channel. Okay so I just post whatever the heck I want on my channel which can range from comedy skits/sketches, interesting characters, vlogging rants or unusual miscellaneous content. I put a lot of effort into my videos and I'm trying to post...
  20. GTPStories

    Comedy Comedy Group

    Still looking for more people to be apart of this comedy group. It is currently me(GTPStories) and OGRobTV. At the very least two more people would suffice.
  21. Joeowens1

    Who's that Pokemon?

    Can you guess who's that pokemon? How many did you get right?
  22. Mr Danny

    Things To Do If You Don't Have Pokemon GO

    Pokemon Go: the game that is sweeping the nation... AND THE WORLD! And here's is the video that is gonna sweep... my floor. Cause that's the only thing it's good for you. But don't take my word for how bad/insanely great this video is. Go watch it! Clean floor for everyone! :)
  23. Mr Danny

    The NEW 10 Commandments

    RENEWING THINGS IS FUN! Well then let's review one of the most popular segments of the most sold book in the history of mankind.
  24. paigelknowles

    Does an Intro to a vlog channel need any crazy special effects?

    Ok I have been thinking about making an intro for my videos for a couple months now but I'm not sure what kind of intro I want and I know a lot of gamers do crazy high quality special effects intros but I just want something really simple that's similar to the intro Jenna marbles has. What do...
  25. ComicallyFamous

    I stopped growing and now it's slow

    I'm not here to ask you to "come check out my channel for awesome stuff!", but rather tell you that I've hit a plateau when it comes to growth of my fan base. For some reason I just can't get anymore exposure without using cheap ways like commenting on other people's channels my channel link...
  26. paigelknowles

    I'm really new here but hey check out my channel!

    I'm going to be uploading a new tomorrow and Friday my channel is extremely fun and truly me! You won't regret checking it out