1. javacentral

    Mexican coffee?!

    Yeah so I'm exploring the history of mexican coffee which involves some destruction of an empire, the rise of another empire, and the fall of ANOTHER empire! Who knew coffee could be so destructive!
  2. javacentral

    Who knew coffee, mexico, and politics would go hand in hand?

    Yeah so apparently the history of mexican coffee is really neat. It involves a revolution or two, the spaniards of course, and some political headaches! Here just come check it out and see what ya think.
  3. javacentral

    Mmm Coffee Beer

    So not gonna lie, I didn't think this whole Espresso Stout was gonna work until it did. It was quite tasty and I'd totally get it again. OH and tell me what ya think of the videya too if ya want.
  4. javacentral

    Put an egg in coffee and tried out a new way to do things on this video

    So I made this a bit different, at least initially, than my other videos. A bit more fast paced and exciting. Let me know what you think about it because I'm still experimenting with it a bit.
  5. javacentral

    Today, I added an egg to my coffee... turned out fantastic!

    I made a little Vietnamese coffee known as Ca Phe Trung where it's sweetened condensed milk, egg and of course coffee. It was pretty tasty! Also went for a new feel for this video so let me know what you think!
  6. javacentral

    Political break down on each candidates stance on coffee

    Not my best video I've done by any means but been trying to keep my ideas unique and expanding. Let me know what ya think!
  7. M

    Need Feedback!

    Just made a new channel with my brother! We have a few videos up now, here's the link: Maybe someone can give some feedback, constructive criticism or support. All responses are appreciated!
  8. javacentral

    Coffee around the World- Vietnam

  9. javacentral

    Coffee around the World- Vietnam

  10. javacentral

    So after I watched my video post editing, I was pretty proud of it.

    I made a video of coffee around the world but in Vietnam this time. I was messing around with it in 1080p (mainly because I could and wanted to see the results from how it looked....which was not much better than 720p sadly) and after editing it, it had a few bumps in it but overall, I really...
  11. javacentral

    Spicy Siracha Mustard? In Coffee? Let's do it!

    I had a blast making this video and would love to hear what you think of my coffee shenanigans
  12. javacentral

    Not gonna lie, I had some serious fun with this video

    So I made this video about random sauces, including spicy siracha mustard, put in coffee and trying it as a creamer. It was pretty stinkin fun to make and moreso to edit! Let me know what you think of it and if there is any changes that may need to be done. I appreciate any tips or ideas!
  13. javacentral

    Contest to win free Starbucks coffee AND 3 Java Central stickers

    All ya have to do is comment on the video and you're entered!
  14. javacentral

    Coffee around the World- Colombia

    Did a video on the history and different fun little facts about coffee in colombia!
  15. javacentral

    Truth or Dare Coffee Edition ft. Cristy Tango (from here on yttalk!)

  16. javacentral

    Latest collab with yttalker CristyTango! Doing a little Fact or Crap!

  17. javacentral

    Coffee around the World! Starting in Italy

    So I think this series may be my best one yet. I'm exploring coffee around the world and decided to start in the great country of Italy. I'd love to hear your feedback on it!
  18. javacentral

    Coffee around the World- Italy

    I thought this would be a super neat series to do, discovering coffee from different places around the world! I worked pretty darn hard on this one so let me know what you think!
  19. javacentral

    First collab with another yttalker! Coffee talk! Ft. Promice

  20. javacentral

    Coffee talk ft Promice! A collab with another yttalker!

  21. javacentral

    First collab ever, ft. Promice. Coffee talk!

  22. javacentral

    Rate my first Collab with another Yttalker!

    Did my first collab with Promice, a vlogger I met here on yttalk, and thought it went pretty well! Did a nice little talk about coffee. Let me know what you think of it and hey, I'm always open to another collab with any of you wonderful folks!
  23. javacentral

    I have a few ideas, just need to get them straight

    So I make coffee videos, right? I have a few ideas like, coffees around the world, review videos on types of coffees, coffee companies, and other coffee related things. I also was thinking of making some videos on like coffee recipes (like I plan on doing a nice refreshing coffee drink for the...
  24. javacentral

    Created some form of french press equivalent to espresso!

  25. javacentral

    Made espresso today without an espresso maker. Life is forever changed

  26. javacentral

    Made some changes and was hoping for some feedback!

    So I took some advice from you all and others and applied it to my latest video on Vietnamese coffee. Added some music, changed some angles around, and added a outtro(?) and I'm overall pretty happy with it! Let me know if there is anything I'm either missing or did wrong here! Want to make sure...
  27. javacentral

    Made some Vietnamese coffee that was amazing!

  28. javacentral

    Vietnamese coffee and new updates!

    Changed up some with my videos and did a review on some awesome vietnamese coffee. Come check it out and let me know what ya think.
  29. javacentral

    Made some Vietnamese coffee and some big changes! Let me know what you think

  30. javacentral

    3 types of coffee creamers you need to try