I have a few ideas, just need to get them straight


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So I make coffee videos, right? I have a few ideas like, coffees around the world, review videos on types of coffees, coffee companies, and other coffee related things. I also was thinking of making some videos on like coffee recipes (like I plan on doing a nice refreshing coffee drink for the summer time). I just don't know where to start! It's like I have all these random ideas but not sure which one to do next! (Oh and any random ideas that pop in your head that you would like to share with me would be lovely too!)
That is the job of the youtuber. Having ideas is great, but in order to be successful you need to also be able to plan and execute these ideas. Your channel is going to be of your own design, in your own work flow. There is nothing anyone can do to help you organize your thoughts. You have an idea, that's step one and it's also where most people stop (and these people are generally viewers). If you want to join the the other side of youtube as a creator, then step 2 is: Act.
Write down all the ideas and add to them over a week before choosing the one that seems the most fleshed out.

I have this issue with writing songs. I'll think of a riff or a chorus at least once a day and can never decide what to do with it. Eventually it finds a place where it fits well!
Which one can you make right now? That's the one to start with! It's easy to stay stuck in your own head, without making a decision. ACT! There is no think, only do!