1. mawashito1

    Hi YTtalk

    Hi everyone.
  2. M

    Monetizable content

    Hi, guys! I have a youtube channel based on football ( Top 10 Goals by Cristiano Ronaldo and stuff like that) and I no longer receive money on those videos because youtube said I don't have rights for that. So my channel is not on a good standing for receiving money. I don't know what videos...
  3. M

    What made YouTube 2018?

    What events/people do you think defined YouTube 2018? I'd definitely say the Pauls, boxing, shane, fousey and PewDiePie were the major game-changers this year on YouTube. TBH, i don't think most of these things would make it onto YouTube rewind though because last year YouTube included...
  4. SeanFace101

    Boxing Entrances: Ricky Burns & Raymundo Beltran (And Crowds)

    SECC: Ricky Burns V Raymundo Beltran (Entrances & Crowd) This is a video I took of while at the Ricky Burns vs. Raymundo Beltran fight night in the SECC in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. First it shows the crowds as they sign, then shows both Ricky Burns and Raymundo Beltran making their...