1. Aro-En

    50 SUBS, BABY!!!

    I have FINALLY passed the halfway point to my triple digit dream.
  2. O

    How to boost view numbers?

    Hi I am considering creating a blog for my channel in order to make it more visible for the public and hopefully drive some more traffic would this be a good move? :) Does anyone know other methods to boost the activity level on your channel? :)
  3. EngiNerd

    dedicated website besides your youtube channel? yes or no?

    Im thinking of a building my own blog website not only to promote my videos etc. What do you you guys think?
  4. Sirmsudge125

    New playlist - Vlogs

    Hey everyone, my channel is mostly Video games related and now im branching off to do some Vlogs on loosing weight and basic dailys. Would you lovely people of YTtalk cast your eye over my First VLOG to give me some pointers? It would be greatly appreciated! just want to make sure im doing them...
  5. Sirmsudge125

    Draw my life planning help?!

    hey guys, I'm fairly new here so I apologise if this is been brought up before! I would love to make a draw my life video but I don't entirely know how to plan and logistically record the drawing and recording the sound, or do them separate like a narration over a video. My videos are all video...
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