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  1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    5 Royalty Free Music Sites - Copyright Free Background Music for Videos

    5 Royalty Free Music Sites - Copyright Free Background Music for Videos // Looking YouTube music for videos? No copyright free music for YouTube videos can be hard to find. Here are 5 Free Music Websites that offer non copyrights free from royalty free sources. Need free hip hop music, free rock...
  2. OpenMusicRevolution

    Services Introducing Open Music Revolution - Free Music for YouTubers

    Hi everyone, As a music producer for almost 10 years now, I have always wanted to have my own website for music licencing. I have been lucky enough to be able to make a living from stock music (I'm one of the top 10 authors on the site AudioJungle), but I know this isn't going to last forever...
  3. zenhd

    Vlad Gluschenko - Lagoon *FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD*

  4. Q

    Services Cheap original music within 24 hours!

    Hello everyone ^_^ I'm a sound designer currently in university and have recently gotten a lot faster at producing original music. You can have a background song for as little as $5 within 24 hours. Just go to www. fiverr .com/s2/0ff0034aa9 Thanks :)
  5. MU.

    Services A new YouTube channel with FREE ORIGINAL MUSIC that you can use in your YouTube Videos

    Hey everyone :) Brand new project.. A new YouTube channel with free original music i produce that you can use in your YouTube videos (including YouTube monetized videos) [use 'link button' below to visit my channel] You're more than welcome to visit.. listen.. and use the music :thumbsup2:
  6. Malthe

    Services [Relax/Chill Background Music] SettingsOFF - Trust | No Copyright

    If you need FREE background music then this is the channel for you! I upload FREE background music weekly. just go to my channel and then my latest release, for hearing the song in the title :D - Beats&Packs
  7. Malthe

    Services FREE Background Music & FREE Music Sound Packs

    Hey everyone. I'm a YouTube channel who upload FREE no copyright background music & FREE music sound packs for trap music, edm music & more. So if you need FREE background music or need FREE music sound packs to make the producing process more fun, then this is a channel for you. My channel...
  8. Fox Beat

    This music is dope!!

  9. M

    Music in the background?

    Hey guys I was recording the otger day and I had pandora playing in the background (not ideal for recording, i know) but i was wondering in this case, what's the copyright situation? If it makes a difference, the music is only playing for like 10 seconds of the video.
  10. N

    Services Affordable Quality Licensed Background Music for your Videos

    Hi there from "Nikitsan Music" We offer simple way to get great background music for almost any genre of video. "Nikitsan Music" contain hi quality small musical pieces with royalty free license which will save your subscribers from annoying ads. Please take a listen, maybe you find perfect...
  11. FreeBackgroundMusic

    No Copyright Music for YouTube video creators

    FreeBackgroundMusic Hi there, We have been working really hard to get the best producers and make them to give incredible music for YouTube video creators. We have already very good data base with free, no copyright music. We are your next upload will be safe of no copyright claims or strikes...
  12. Jonkit

    Looking for Jenna Marbles backgroundsong...

    Hey, I am looking for a specific background music for a video.It seems to be a popular song because lots of youtubers use it but I just can't find it. I used shazam without result. And I listened to all of the iMovie songs but I just can't find it. Jenna Marbles used it in her video Girl Life...
  13. Cameron Arnold

    Where Can I Get Background Music

    Ive been looking for some background music for my videos anyone know where i can get them
  14. O

    Where can I find good music!???

    Hi Where or how do you find the perfect music that suits your videos? I am looking for some background mood music but its hard to find sometimes when I don't have the perfect song or audio for it in the mind is there a playlist where I can grab music and use for youtube legal? I know youtube...
  15. Legend From Heaven

    Services Free Beautiful Background Music For Your YouTube Video

    Background music can do wonderful things for your video. It can help create emotion, drive the pace and flow. But counter to what you may believe, the most successful background music is the music that you didn't even know was there. I have a nice selection of free background music here for you...
  16. Rozcoe

    Request Need some background Music

    Hey there, my name is Rozcoe. Lately I've noticed that my videos are lacking a bit of a punch, so I began to add background music. However I've realized it's hard to find good background music that's free and match the theme of my videos. So I'm posting this thread in hopes that it can reach a...
  17. Richi3Musics

    Services [Cheap] Experienced composer for hire

    Need some custom background music? I'm your guy! From heart-wrenching piano pieces. To fun electro pop melodies. I can make a quality backing track that will add more character to your brand. I have recently been working with a lot of indie game devlopers. You can listen to that wheel here...
  18. BeautyByCat

    Royal Free Music

    Hello everyone, so I make beauty videos and I want some background music that wont get me copyrighted. With actually somewhat good music? Is there any good sites I can download background music for free?
  19. Formal Fox Productions

    Adding background music [Gaming]

    Hey guys. Since I've joined a racing league on F1 2015, I have been uploading a highlight video for each race. While editing I couldn't decide whether I wanted background music or not. What would you guys do? The videos don't have any commentary or chat audio so they are just game audio at the...
  20. D


    Hey greetingsYouTubers. I am music producer Sean Shizzle. I would like to offer you music to use in your YouTube videos. You can license my music or use as promotional use only. If you would like to use my music free as promotional make sure you promote my channel link somewhere your audience...
  21. JayManOurMusicBox

    U don't need Royalty Free Music but this instead....

    Ok so a lot of people maybe shock to read this but let me first give you a bit of background about myself so you know I am not just making this up. I have been a professional full-time composer/producer for more than 20 years. I started out writing jingles for TV and radio and have scored for...
  22. Smarty1two

    Services Free simple 8bit music

    if you need some simple 8bit background music for your videos let me know and I'm sure we can work something out!
  23. JayManOurMusicBox

    Services Free music channel you can use for your videos

    Hi I am Jay Man. This is not a paid service as my music is free. If you like it you can buy me a cuppa joe or better still tell others about my music. search it out on YouTube: /c/ourmusicbox I have a few thousand tracks. My channel is brand new and hope you will watch, download and use my...
  24. JayManOurMusicBox

    Services Completely free royalty free music. Just credit me. I have 5000+ tracks I have worked over many years and I am setting them free. (free as a bird!) You can use them for free, royalty free without any expiration. All I ask is you credit me and share. Yes it is YouTube friendly as well with no content ID matches. ~ JayMan