1. LifeOfKieran

    The Sheer Lack of Motivation

    So. It happens to all of us. The motivation of uploading videos to YouTube just disappears. That's where I've been. For the past... 6 months. I used to daily vlog, but literally have no idea what to upload these days. I work from home almost every day, and really want to make content. How...
  2. Dutchie Abroad

    Video anxiety

    Hey everyone~ So I'm about 1,5 month into doing Youtube and the first rush of 'everything is new and awesome!' is over. I'm starting to feel some anxiety about my videos. It worries me that they might be too boring, since some times I just don't have time (or energy) to go somewhere and the...
  3. Rory Hollinshead

    Finding my niche

    Hey Everyone, Im 18 years old, im an aspiring youtube and film maker, ive spent years trying to start and get a channel. Making a channel, posting a few videos and then deleting the channel because its not working because im scared of what people have thought and then repeat. I want to be a...
  4. WindexGamer

    My Story. Mental Health Awareness Week

    Hey guys I've posted this video to talk about my story and it was worrying putting something like this up. I also talk about where you can get help in your time of need so if you can relate or think this video can help and do someone else justice to show they are not alone then by all means...
  5. Jawad Soomro


    Nothing is really easy in life. We meet many people in life and some of them we push away. There are 6 major reasons that trigger our feelings to push certain people away. Let's discover those reasons now.
  6. Elissa Jordan

    Stay Strong! A Message to People With Depression

    Hey there! So, about a year ago, I did a collab with many of you here on YTTalk called "Stay Strong". It was a video for people struggling with depression and contained uplifting words from many different content creators on YouTube. I am so very proud of this video and, despite the fact it was...
  7. EskGhost

    Did you know that 100% that pee, die?%

    Do you have problems with anxiety? Or suffer from bed wetting? Well, I can't do anything about it. You should see a doctor or something. Otherwise, enjoy my attempt at vlog/comedy. It's the first time I tried something different than my older content.
  8. Sarah&Fam

    I need a shove..

    I need someone to push me to conquer my dream. I suffer from extremely depression and some anxiety and I would like to harness it to make amazing content. But depression and anxiety make me want to curl up in bed and do nothing.. someone motivate me.. How do you get out of your funks?
  9. Missy

    YouTube and Depression

    So I struggle with Anxiety and Depression and it makes me discouraged to make videos sometimes like my effort won't matter. Does anyone have any advice for me? I love doing YouTube videos, but it gets in the way.
  10. HandsomeNature14

    Need more nature in your life? HD

    I created "Handsome Nature" for those who don't get a chance to experience the beauty of Nature as often as they would like. Featuring High Definition Lakes, Rivers, Fields and Forests. Waterfalls, Canoe trips, Oceans, Sunrises and all things green. Our scenes help people relax, sleep...
  11. Cromartie

    Recovery from Negativity?

    I had a heck of a rough month where a lot of my irl anxiety and depression spilled into my channel and online persona (chances are it was amped by my missing therapy last month, thus not having anyone to speak to). It culminated in a lot of ranting, venting, and overall negativity out-poured to...

    Suffer from Anxiety and Depression? I have just the video!

    If this video helped be sure to check out my other content.

    Vlog 500+ Subscribers looking to interview youtubers

    Hey everyone, My names Liam I make videos under Liamodearme. I'm looking for some people to interview over the next couple weeks. I'm looking for: Straight people Gay people Individuals that would be open about talking about their mental health My channel is geared toward talking about...
  14. smithgirl86

    7 Ways to De-Stress

    I posted a new video on my channel about how I've learned to manage stress and anxiety, check it out if you want! :thumbsup2:
  15. stucrompton

    My Depression Story

    sorry people but i don't know where to post this. i just want to raise awareness about this subject and help people who are not so open about it and suffer in silence
  16. AlbaLnz

    Depression, anxiety and mental health Q&A

    Hello guys, For the past month I've been working on bringing more awareness over these issues since it is a highly stigmatized and misunderstood topic. I struggle with depression and since the last episode I became a fighter and decided to help others, not only giving some advice but also...