1. C

    YouTube Top Of Page Garbage Popups

    Every so often I get this goes nowhere popup. Very annoying. Does anyone know why and how to permanently stop this garbage from showing up? See these images.
  2. Landen

    Including Bloopers In Videos - Annoying or Funny? (Poll)

    I have a theory. Everyone loves bloopers. It's why bloopers of every TV show and movie you know and love go viral. The simple "oh they're human too and make funny mistakes" factor is always enjoying to see. So I made the decision from the start of all my videos to include my filming bloopers...
  3. Jacadamia

    How do I Make Videos in College? What do you do?

    So I just started off my whole youtube shabang, and although it's really early in the game, I know I want to continue it! The thing is though, I'm going to college for my first semester at the end of august, and I'm not sure how plausible that would be. Sure I'd have to balance studies with...
  4. Its Ryan


    There are these people on youtube that always say that they subbed and that I should sub back when the only thing they did was spam my videos!! Its so annoying. What they don't understand is that no one likes them and that they are never going to get famous like that. smh smh.
  5. Hazzador

    Shoutout Sunday and Spammers outside the gaming community

    I have a gaming channel and get to see a lot of spammers in the community. Things like shoutout sundays are also all over the place and its just just annoying. I was just wondering if people who have other sorts of channels have people like this in their comment section and stuff, outside of the...
  6. Missilebomb

    Stories about something messing up a recording?

    So earlier today I was trying to record and some 'brilliant' people decided to use a jackhammer to remove Windows from a renovation house across the street. It made me wonder (also made me rather annoyed) if anyone else had something as ridiculous mess up a recording session
  7. thejoelwilliamsphere

    YouTube URL Changes!

    As of yesterday I finally hit 100 subscribers, making me fully eligible to get a custom URL for my channel. However when I go to do this - because youtube has changed the way they do things yet again, I cant get the username I want because apparently several other channels have it? Yet I...
  8. thejoelwilliamsphere

    YOUTUBE REVIEW CHANNELS! Good or Bad for the community?

    Recently a few youtube review channels have come to my attention that have experienced an insane amount of growth - im talking 400,000 subs in 4 months! Some of these channels post a 2-5 videos a day, every single day of the week on popular trending topics so its no wonder they receive the...
  9. Ohgoditskeith

    10 Annoying Parent Sayings !!!

    :poop:Do your parents intimidate, scare, or freak you out ?:poop: Do they make your want to pull out your hair by the roots? (We probably do the same, but that's besides the point) :eeks: !! Here's 10 of the world's most annoying Parent Sayings EVER !!:eeks: