after effects

  1. Abdullahx9000

    Need help with my outro using After Effects' Saber Plugin!

    Hey guys! I am currently working on my Outro for my videos. Here is how my outcome would look like. The background colors might be a little darker or something. (Picture 1) I know it does not look too good without any motion right now. But I can take care of the movement part aswell as the...
  2. JustusJames

    Looking for After Effect tutorials

    I'm looking for good after effects tutorials to help enhance my videos. Does anyone have a channel that focuses on this or suggestions on channels to look to?
  3. AM2PM

    Farting Girl Superhero - Capt Beans Ep 1: Farts Hurt

  4. Onyx Arcane

    Video Review Request "What it means to be a creator"

    Onyx Arcane gives facts on why Onyx exists as a creator. Onyx was wondering if his audio mixes well with the background music. Is the ratio of the voice and music ok? Is the music not loud enough? Also, does the setting appeal alright? Is it to compact? Should it be more of a wide shot? Onyx...
  5. S

    Best place to get video special effects

    Hello everyone! I've been searching around for a couple days now and can't seem to find a good place that has video special effects where I can download from. Free or purchase. Where do you get your special effects and how much does it cost if it's not free. Thank you in advance.
  6. The NotARubicon!

    Other Looking for 3D Motion Text Graphics Person (After Effects or Apple Motion)

    We are looking for someone that can do 1 to 3 short (3-10 seconds each..should really be fast/easy for someone that does this sort of thing), 3D text "match move" type effects for us per month. These are the type of graphics you see where text is superimposed on a clip and it moves with the...
  7. Bert McCert

    Adobe Motion Graphics Templates

    Is anyone diving into the new Motion Graphics Templates in Adobe Premiere? I'm slowly understanding it and learning how to create custom templates from After Effects. It's REALLY rad! If you haven't given it a look, go check out some tutorials and try your hand at making some custom templates...
  8. The Unwanted Letter

    To Hitfilm Or Not to Hitfilm

    So i'm deciding on a new editing software and i've been looking at hitfilm 4 pro and it has a lot of features but the effects mash up i've seen on youtube have a lot of well...gimmicky effects in my opnion that could just be the person who is using the software idek, but my question is Can this...
  9. L


  10. Jawad Soomro


    Advanced After Effects Tutorial. Creating the Plasma ball with Unstable electrical energy. WATCH FULL TUTORIAL TO LEARN THE SKILLS.
  11. O

    Request Looking for someone who can create a high quality outro

    Willing to offer any payment if necessary, must contain motion shakes of certain elements and beginning and end transitions for the outro, again in exchange i'd give you a payment if needed any liking your work if it displayed on your channel or somewhere else (If you're able to match it up...
  12. Jawad Soomro

    After Effects: Graphic Design - ZIG ZAG EFFECT

    ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS Here's the tutorial on "How to draw cool and trendy graphics?" No third party plugin needed. Everything is available in After effects.
  13. ggdeeofficial

    Free Alternative to Adobe After Effects?

    So I've had experience with AE before and would like a FREE alternative to it? I want to make intros with effects but not willing to spend 30$ a month for a while CC that I don't use. (i currently edit with premiere elements and have photoshop cc for just 9$/month). I am restarting my youtube...
  14. Jawad Soomro

    After Effects - 3D CLOUDS TUTORIAL

    AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL We don't really need any quad-copter to shoot airplane footage when we have after effects. Enjoy the 3D clouds tutorial.
  15. Jayel_Boss

    Hitfilm and Final cut, premiere and after effects doppleganger??

    So guys im looking into rigging myself down with a nice good video editing rigand i was curious. Is it a good idea to buy final cut pro x for video editing and also to buy hitfilm 4 pro for video compositing. Now i know it may not make sense since HF4PRO is a video compositing software and a...
  16. Banished

    Request Need someone with After Effect!

    Hey I just need to re-do my intro but my laptop isn't powerful enough and it just crashed haha. I am happy to pay but if someone is keen to do it for free that would be rad! Thanks for reading!
  17. hj154

    Request NEW INTRO - $60 for Quality work

    PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS THREAD IF YOU CANNOT CREATE WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR Now that that's out of the way :) I am in need of a new intro for my YouTube channel!! I'm interested in a 2D overlay style intro for 2-3 seconds. I would like there to be transparency in the intro, to show some of...
  18. Worldofpossible

    How do you guys feel about adobe editing software?

    I am currently using after effects, audacity and adobe audition for my editing. Previously, I had been using Windows Movie Maker, but my content has since move on to make better content and I enjoy trying out editing that is unique. The programs have allow me to build my own logo. The only...
  19. AuthorFilms Studios

    MAJOR YouTube bugs and glitches! [HELP]

    I've been a bit inactive on my youtube channel over the past few weeks. YouTube has not been letting me upload videos and it crashes, bugs out and freezes, and my After Effects would not render. I've been unable to change my channel banner and profile image as I'm trying to finally updating it...
  20. Freshly Finished

    TEXT ANIMATION! (A lot of work, but worth it!)

    HEY EVERYONE! I just wanted to see what you all had to think about my attempt at text animation here and see what your thoughts on the subject were and to see if you had any other tips and tricks of your own. If you go to my channel, the video is called "Ratchet b***h" and the artist is "Redd...
  21. ESD

    Services Intros/Outros and 2D Motion Graphics for FREE!

    Hi there! I am a video editor that is looking to build up a portfolio of work, I'm happy to create Intro/Outros as well as 2D Motion Graphics for your videos. For the intros/outros I use Premiere Pro and for the graphics, I use After Effects. Here is a selection of screenshots showing my...
  22. Specs

    Request Need Someone with AE Experience to Edit Free Intro Template

    The link below entails a top 10 for AE Intro's. I'm interested in something simple like #3 and I was wondering if anyone can edit that template for me?
  23. NotANoob

    Request Looking for someone to edit an AfterFX intro template.

    Hi! I'm just looking for someone to edit an Adobe After Effects + Cinema 4D intro template for me in 1080p 60fps. The template I want to be edited will be sent to the first people that contact me on Skype. I would do it myself but I do not have After Effects or Cinema 4D. Sadly I cannot pay you...
  24. AuthorFilms Studios

    Classy 2D Intro [GIVEAWAY]

    Im giving away 'Classy 2D Intro' FREE to one lucky commenter on my video. Once it reaches 15 likes the winner will be chosen!
  25. AuthorFilms Studios

    This is how you waste 4 hours of work...

    I was making a massive motion graphics video that would be a few minuites long, I was about half way though editing (about 4 hours of work) and my After Effects stopped working and crashed. The worst thing is, I forgot to save it. Now I'll have to redo all that work. AE should make a backup...
  26. Jason Kirkpatrick

    Request Introduction, some honest advice, and maybe more

    Hello everyone, this is RainingRainbowz, or Jason, and I have been working on the visual appearance of my Youtube Channel and I've done my best to try and make quality graphics. However there's only so much I can do on my own. So there are a few things I need from you guys. An intro, I have a...
  27. NWBroadcasting

    After Effects & other programs

    Hi all! I've been an editor for about 6 years now and a YouTuber for about 7 months. I've always been asked about my editing style for my videos and what programs I use. As I said, I'm new, so I may be doing thumbnails wrong as to I'm not a still designer, but I have a workflow now. Here is...