advice for small youtubers

  1. sequan123

    Do tags really matter?

    so I was just uploading a video and I was really thinking does tags really help you rank high or make your videos appears on people recommended page.
  2. ustwovlog

    Getting more views??

    Hey everyone! New to this forum and thought I would reach out to the community and ask you guys how to get more views on youtube? A little girlfriend and I have a channel called "Us Two", we are a vlog channel and post 2 videos a week. Our videos range in views from 30-30k...
  3. Sk Jony

    How to Add A Link In Your Video Description

    Someone said that, Add link in your video description. Then you got lot of views, not only this it chance to build huge subscriber network. Is it true or how it work.
  4. Kyle Hedlund

    Coming up with a "Comeback Video"

    So for a while, I hadent really posted up any new videos for a while since I was taking a summer break from creating content. Although, now I am recording again, I do want to make a "I have returned" video before I post up a new chapter of Project Arthas (My Audio Book Project). Although, I...
  5. Scandinavian Freckles

    Free Editing software

    Hey guys, So I am using Windows movie maker for now but I feel there are a lot of things that I can't do with it. So I was wondering if any of you knew about a free editing software that has a lot of good features and is easy enough to get used to :) I really want to step up my editing so...
  6. SwaggyIndian

    Advice for YouTubers joining a partnership program

    I joined Awesomenesstv's partnership program 2 years ago and I recommend you don't join them. I just got out of it a month ago and they kept all the money I made over those 2 years. READ THE CONTRACTS BEFORE SIGNING UP AND ONLINE REVIEWS. If you just started, you don't need a partnership...