1. veronica33067

    A new Dramatic Monologue

    Hello guys, :wavespin: It's been a while since I've been active on this forum but I'm back and with a new monologue. I'm trying to post a monologue at least once a week on my YouTube channel. Below is this week's monologue. If you do monologues for your YouTube channel please feel free to reach...
  2. AnejKGaming

    Short Film 12 days of Christmas!

    Hello, Me and my Art High School are making a Christmas themed youtube videos. We got an idea that we would post 12 videos because there are 12 days of Christmas. We have all video ideas written down but we are struggling with scripts. We wrote a main story (frame) but we dont know how to turn...
  3. The Humble JuanB

    Other Elm Street Stories! collab?

    im currently starting a really low budget episodic series around one of my favorite horror films. im looking to see if any of you are interested in working on episodes with me even split directing and shooting. we can collab through meet ups or over the internet, whatever works! contact me if...
  4. YaBoiiClark

    Short Film Short Film/Actors & Actresses Needed *WICHITA, KS AREA*

    Hello YTTalkers, I am in the middle of preparing screenplay for a re-enactment documentary about the Columbine High School massacre; it'll be very similar to Zero Hour's mini-doc on the tragic occurrence. My version will have more background people dialogue, new scenes, and exact quotes from...
  5. Noah Dean

    Voice Acting Looking for a voice actor!

    You can be any age or sex. The most important thing I need is someone who can deliver comedic lines with a calm voice. You will feature in the first video "Napoleon: True History Facts". In this series I'll be twisting history in an absurd manner, filled with nonsense, non-sequiturs, sometimes...
  6. DoctorBlue99

    Gaming GTA5 Body Actors Needed

    Hi there, I'm making a show of sorts on GTA5 and I need body actors to help bring the dream to life. I need as many people as I can get, it's a good oppurtunity for some exposure if you need it cause you'll be featured in the credits and in the description. You won't be voice acting or...
  7. M

    Short Film "New Film Ideal"

    Need actors for film. Also needs to be able to meet in Rome, Ga for short film shoot. If you would like to be in it contact me at for more info.
  8. clousey1818

    Short Film Looking for short film roles London and surrounding areas

    Hello i'm looking to build up my acting portfolio and to do that i'm looking for people that need actors for short films etc i am specficially good with comedy/action roles but i can do other roles too please contact me if you have anything thank you
  9. Simau

    Comedy Body Swap Video

    I guess I'm new. Or im an Old member that has just gotten on after a long while. Whatever you guys say. ANYWAYS I had an idea for a comedic body swap video between a girl and a guy (overused, I know just shush) I think it'd be better to do it if we lived in the same area but we could possibly...
  10. Livid

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Actors/Actresses live in New York?

    I'm looking for actors and actress for the leading and supporting roles in a short film i'm working on called "The Artist" The character descriptions are written down below. (Leading and Supporting actors/actresses will be paid) Summary of “The Artist” A young girl who is a artist learns that...
  11. Livid

    Short Film Do Any Short Film Creators wanna collab?

    I am really new at directing and only start not even a couple months ago because I wasn't sure how to do anything and I didnt have anyone that would be interesting in acting but now I'm in this class in my highschool that has taught me things like how to use green screen effects and stuff like...
  12. DrakeVegas

    Comedy Three In A Modern State New Youtube Collaboration Comedy Show

    Hey everyone, I am currently making an internet show called "Three In A Modern State" which includes different people from all over the world playing in it and filming there parts. The show is scripted and I really want to make this show, its like a TV show but its on the internet. Maybe this...
  13. B

    Short Film Looking for Acting work

    Hello i am looking for acting stuff in or around Kent area (UK) I'm looking to build up a portfolio it can be any sort of short films etc, I'm 21 Male i'm Athletic, incredibly Enthusiastic, Really caring and bubbly personality and confidence i have a lot of and some people say it's too much...
  14. necronomibroyt

    Comedy Voice Actor needed for comedy videos

    check out my latest video to find out what I mean, basically I want to do that but with someone to bounce stuff off of and maybe have a counter argument or back up my own. skype is necronomibro.
  15. Jamie Taylor

    Voice Acting (DONE) Need someone to read scripts. Will give shout out at the end of the video.

    Hey, If you want to use your voice for one my videos please read a script I will send you If you're willing to join me. I do videos on basically anything, but most of the time it's about movies, television, and other entertainment stuff. i will be recording my voice sometimes but need someone...
  16. ApexTV

    Voice Acting At 10K Subs and NEED a Voice Actor

    Hello people of YTTalk! My channel ApexTV is currently at 10,000 subscribers and is in need of a voice actor. Most of our videos consist of only text and we thought it would be good to have a voice narrate the video. If you want to narrate some videos that will be seen by thousands of people and...
  17. Psycho Lucas

    Voice Acting Do you need a voice actor? Well i'm up to the challenge.

    I've never done voice acting before but i am willing to try it. Check out my videos to see some of the commentary i do. I'm a little animated myself but i can play any role you give me. I use audacity to record the audio to my videos. But let me know if you need me.
  18. TMJBtv

    Voice Acting Female Voice for Pikmin 3

    Pikmin 3 Parody I need one line for my upcoming animation. It's a follow up to my previous pikmin video. Brittany: She has a fairly high pitched voice if you haven't played pikmin 3 before and i hoping for something similar She's reacting to the pikmin onion exploding in front of here eyes...
  19. AshZelda

    Short Film Philadelphia Area Collabs

    Hi guys! Are any of you located in Philly? I'm an actor and a makeup artist looking to work on some short films, and would love to work with anyone around here. I'm also a writer if you need any help with that, but you wouldn't need to be local. I'm in North Philly and often in the Lehigh Valley...
  20. D

    Review on my last video?

    Hey guys! I uploaded a video about how my Valentine's Day was.... So I would love it if you would watch my video and maybe give it a like and maybe a comment if you liked it as I say I LOVE constructive feedback! Thank you so much guys and happy late Valentine's!
  21. GottaCatchDimal

    First impressions on my channel

    When clicking on my channel, I'd like to know what your guys' first impressions are. Normally I would tell people to look at my latest videos or specific ones, but I'm just going to open the floor to everyone. I want to know what sort of feel you would get when you start exploring my channel. Am...
  22. Dylan Roberts

    Gaming Looking for gaming crew to make Gaming Skits/acts/funny moments etc...

    Hi guys :) So I've had a lot of experience on YouTube and I've decided I want to reboot my Gaming Channel. And I don't really just wanna do general gaming videos, as at this stage they struggle for views. So I wanna make Skits n' stuff. Don't worry, I've got plenty of experience with editing...
  23. Vickie

    Interview with actor and resident director at Second City!

    Here's my latest interview! If you're interested in acting, directing, and comedy of any sort, you'll like it! For the FULL, uncut audio interview, check out my podcast! Please subscribe on iTunes :)
  24. Vickie

    Interview about acting, theater, improv, and podcasting

    I do an interview show and podcast - this is the latest interview!! Please check it out! Also, for the FULL AUDIO of the interview please subscribe to the podcast! OR on iTunes
  25. ApexTV

    Voice Acting Who Wants to Narrate Some top 10 Videos?

    Hi everyone, we are currently looking for some talented voices to collaborate with us and create some top 10 videos! Our channel currently has over 1,000 subscribers and over 500,000 views. We already have many written scripts for the video and it would be great if we could get someone to...