Meet Up/Gathering Any Actors/Actresses live in New York?


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I'm looking for actors and actress for the leading and supporting roles in a short film i'm working on called "The Artist"

The character descriptions are written down below. (Leading and Supporting actors/actresses will be paid)
Summary of “The Artist”
A young girl who is a artist learns that a serial killer is stalking her. She loses friends along the way but creates stronger relationships as well.

Character description-

She is a sophisticated girl with non gender specific personality. She is artistic and very intelligent. She has a ‘doesn't care about anything’ view on life. She doesn't care about her appearance or what people think about her. She is around 17. Her friends mean little to her but they don't know that. She is also very sarcastic and blunt. Adrian doesn't have time for crushes or boys and never really thinks about those types of things. Adrian is also Asexual.

Character description-
She is a stereotypical white blonde. She is around 17 She is an airhead who is clumsy and slutty. She is not very smart most of the time. She is preppy and annoying but can be funny at times. She is also one of two of Adrian's only female friends.

Character description-
He is a tall blonde who is basically just comic relief. He is around 18. He jokes around about everything and is mildly annoying. He can be caring and loving. He really is a sweet guy at heart but no one really knows.

Character description-
He's a good sized brunette with a warm personality. He is around 18. He is a caring person and has a crush on Adrian. He has no chance with her because she couldn't care less about a relationship. He would do anything to keep everyone safe.

Character description-
She is an odd girl with a good personality. She treats everyone with an equal amount of kindness. She can come off as shy but she really is just sweet. She is around 16. Sylvia has a big crush on Zach but he is a big dumb idiot that wouldn't know romance if it hit him in the face. She is the other of the two of Adrian's female friends.

Character description-
Tall pale male, he is 16-27. He has dark hair and is lanky. He has a slender type vibe. The killer has a poetic yet stalker type voice.

Visit @SealsUnitedProductions facebook page if you are interested. We are looking for actors/actress in New York state if need travel will be paid for.