1. BestNerdLife

    70 subscribers and 5000 views!

    After hovering around the 67/68 mark for a few days, my sub count has FINALLY hit 70. My views have also shot past 5000. I'm pretty dang happy with that tbh as it's been just a little less than 2 months since I really started any effort to make videos.
  2. Andreassandström

    1500 Veiws!

    I just hit 1500 Views and that is pretty big for me! 75 Videos and 1500 veiws, I am actually very proud of that seeing as my original goal for 2019 was 1500 views! Next stop: 2K! Hopefully before October but, if not, I know I will hit it after! What is your recent achievement? PS. This is...
  3. Ryann

    I've reached the 50 sub mark!

    I'm the owner of the IceyCamoGaming channel, and I would like to say how amazing it is to have supporters in my Youtube journey! I hope to keep going and achieve more and more subscribers in the future! :bounce::bounce:
  4. The_Man_XX

    1000 Subscribers - FINALLY

    I just want to thank all those who supported me and who subscribed to my channel to help me reach 1000 subscribers. It really feels good and hopefully i can reach the big one - 10,000:)
  5. Kyle Matthew

    Hit 100 Subscribers and 1k+ Views today!

    I'm so happy! :bounce: This kind of achievement, although it might seem small for some other people, is a really big step for me. It helps me realise that there are people out there who actually like watching my videos, and that makes me want to not give up!
  6. Crucity

    200 Subscribers and 11,000 Views!

    I would just like to say I'm proud of reaching this accomplishment. I've worked really hard on my channel "Crucity". I make gaming videos and I'm making videos I like more in the past which might get me less views but I'll have more fun. If any of you want to collaborate on Xbox or give me ideas...
  7. Robot Elixir

    Just hit 100,000 views! On the path to 1k subs

    I've just passed the 100,000 views mark on my channel - YAY!!!! My channel is now 2 years old and I'm super excited with this achievement. I'm hoping to reach the 1k subscriber milestone soon and to be honest I thought I'd have reached that sooner, but I'm not complaining. At least people are...
  8. Itz chris gaming

    100 subs!! Now whats the goal

    So I just hit 100 subs today. Its funny because 5 days ago i had 84 and the last 5 days before that i was gaining 1 every 3 days. But over the last 5 days i have gained 3-4 subs a day. So whats the next goal: 200 subs, 150. Plz help me decide
  9. ChimpTv

    10,000 minutes watched!!

    Hey peeps, Obviously not as glamorous as 10,000 subs or even 50 haha (im on 18). I'm really pleased with 10,000 minutes watched from a little over 3k views in about 3 weeks. I suppose its all about celebrating the little achievements.
  10. TheSGGamingChannel

    400 Video Views

    This is a pretty good milestone for me; hopefully, by the end of October, I'll get to my desired 1000 views! Thanks for all the help!
  11. TheSGGamingChannel

    200 Video Views Total

    Its been a hard 2 months+ on YouTube so far, but its going pretty smooth and growth is better than on my original channel. Its hard to be a gaming channel, simply because there are 50000000+ channels dedicated to that. I'll just keep pushing and bringing out quality content. Thanks for the support!
  12. DanDaSimmer

    What happens when you miss a goal?

    Hey everyone! I started my channel about 2.5 months ago now, and I'm so glad I started new and fresh with Dan's Life. My first month was great and I earned about 28 subscribers, which I was so shocked and happy with! So when I thought what my next goal was, I said to myself earning 25...
  13. TheSGGamingChannel

    100 Views Total!

    Hello guys and gals, previously I mentioned my 10 subs achievement, well now, I have another achievement to announce: me getting to 100 total views! Thanks for the support!
  14. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    100 Subs In 18 Days :D

    Finally hit the hundy!! Thank you so much for everyone that's supported me so far, it really is inspiring me to keep pushing for more! (: If you haven't already, feel free to check out my channel. I'm completely open to any critique/feedback/support and am happy to offer feedback too (even if...
  15. Challenge this

    3,000 Subscribers!

    Wow we just hit 3k subscribers. well I have to say that this is such an amazing milestone for us and we couldn't have done it without a lot of you! Heres to continuing the growth of our channel and we hope you all achieve your goals. Lets keep grinding guys!!
  16. BrunosWorld

    50 subs! Weekly updates!

    Youtube obviously takes hard work to get these subscribers! I love making videos and there's people with millions of subscribers out there and 50 seems like a huge achievement so yeah haha. I love making and editing my videos, people find it weird wen i whip out my camera lol, and start filming...
  17. isn2011

    Finally passed 20 subscribers :D

    Okay I know it isn't a massive achievement, however, I am now happy to say that I have achieved the 20 subscriber milestone, can't wait to hit 50 next :)
  18. wasabiroots

    6 months & 600 subs :)

    I'm happy ^^ I could see how much different my first video and my latest video are. The first one is(the first few are) so s**t, its an embarrassment to my channel lol. I like how I could see improvements on my editing skills as my very first video was made on a whim without prior knowledge of...
  19. WeKanGame

    YouTube Certified!

    Hello All, After 8+ Hours, a lot of hard work and 100 questions, I am YouTube Certified in Audience Growth! This is a huge step, and required by the MCN I started working for! I am very happy honored, and hopeful moving forward! Anyone else YouTube Certified! Also sorry if wrong place...
  20. Stike96

    Other What's your latest success story?

    So tonight I was looking back at a few random videos on YouTube and it made me think of this idea as a collaboration. Something I always wanted to do with my channel is help people, and while yes I am helping them with tech, I would also love to help them in other ways too. So I want to create...