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Common issues that keep you under 1,000 subscribers

Discussion in 'YouTube Tips, Tutorials, Help & Guides' started by Tim Schmoyer, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. AllVisuals4U
    Active Member
    Thanks for the advice! Good points that should always be in your mind while creating stuff.
  2. The Absurd Boy
    Active Member
    Awesome. I love how we are all to acheive our dreams. I know I can do it. Somedays I loose hope, others I don't. It's so silly...a battle of wanting to be a Youtube Gamer, but it will have an impact on peoples lives, and also, you can make a living doing it! At 877 subscribers I'm still trying to persue my dreams while dealing with highschool. (AKA Hell) But I'm just determined and I don't know why. Anyways, thanks for the advice.
  3. Baylze
    Overwatch YouTuber
    Some of these points are really helpful. School/college seems to be a big one, thanks for all the help peeps.
  4. AMX Gaming
    Liking YTtalk
    true i have been told that my reactions to scary moments are very enjoyable so maybe it's my personality but the problem with gaming channels is that there are a lot and most think watching gaming videos is a waste of time and some of us are not given a a chance and that really sucks
  5. Messages:
    Well, what makes it a waste of time. You have a set of experiences that other people may not have. While I cannot put videos up right now( moving shenanigans) I am learning how to put my thoughts to paper. Gaming channels is a rough set up but just for my channel, I have had experience in card games so I will be doing basic how to play videos with magic and YuGiOh and a couple other games i did well at, I can do indie spotlights and show games that people may have forgotten about like heavenstrike rivals, floating point, or even heart star as one of my first reviews the first time. With full let's plays that makes three different kinds of videos about very different subjects while still keeping the gaming theme. Is gaming a very competitive market, yes it is. You can be great with horror games Markiplier shows that people watch that sort of thing, but maybe have a little breakdown every so often just ripping on the villain of a game in a different "character" or you can try and let your own creative juices flow and make your little horror radio story and put a gif on it and try those to bring more people in from different things to the channel.

    Sorry for rambling, Gaming channels have been all about certain gaming, the trick will be to work as many different avenues of niches while making stuff that everyone wants to see. I want to do little characters and shows or rip on somethings while in character as well, read people's fanfiction if I find it good so that eventually my channel could be seen as a gaming and story channel. Find the niches that you do well with, work them out from there think up a couple things you could enjoy doing and see how they work together bringing people in. That would be logical I would think...

    I should also reiterate that I do not know my way around this as a master either I got a grand total of 7 subs on indie spotlight vids and I can't add any more right now, but these moments allow me to recorrect my aim on the channel so to speak, and if you want the last time I had a break you can see the jump in quality, one list of videos is marked first try and this current batch was the second and after moving it will be the third. I am only giving my personal opinion according to idiot's guide to common sense so I may very well be off, but I feel my points are simple enough that they should be correct.

    I am just trying to keep track of the very simple things that are often missed because once I miss them things go bad in a hurry. Seriously my first try videos are cringeworthy, but keeping them there allows me to keep my crosshairs on the target.

    If anyone thinks that what I am saying does not make sense or knows more than me please let me know. I only try to play an idiot on a video not in chat *sweats* anyway. Legit though, if anyone knows or feels that maybe from experience that this is not correct let me know. As far as I have seen though it has been some good rules to look at

    What are some other things you like to do?Reactions from horror what about challenge videos like muscle relaxer while playing a game or the wheel of punishment on livestream or stuff like that?

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