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Apr 8, 2016
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Hi everyone! Stockhouse here with a few queries to ask about editing videos. The first one is how does one manipulate their facecam during a let's play in the editing process. I assume the camera is recorded separately from the game capture. I do PC games and I use Xsplit Broadcaster so the camera is recorded with the gameplay and becomes one video so I can't make it do the crazy flips, twirls, and zooms I've seen in other videos. Can anyone tell me how to do that specifically? Like what programs are used for this process, I'm sure it's simple and with tinkering I could do it on my own but I prefer to reach out because you never know what awesome tips you can get. Second question, what programs do you use to record with? And are they better then what I use. Last question is do you prefer a webcam Like I use or an actual camcorder and why? Thank you for any and all answers to this. Hope everyone is having a fantastical weekend! :D
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