editing programs

  1. Brix

    Is it okay to use a simple editing program?

    I used to use Davinci Resolve and Camtasia which are more simple editing programs but recently i got after effects. i just feel like it's a bit complicated and takes more time and work to use it but i don't want to use something else if after effects improves my videos...
  2. Mcradical

    What does everyone use for editing?

    Hey guys and gals, Just a quick question here: what does everyone use to edit their videos? I'm curious to know- I use Final Cut Pro X, which I hear is like the marmite of the editing world, you either love it or you hate it (I obviously love it). Cheers, Chris
  3. KPM

    Voice editing assistance

    Whenever I go to edit my voice recordings, I tend to just put in some noise cancellation, normalization, and maybe some amplify effects. It sounds alright, but I would like to know if there is a better method to make it sound better? I usually get clipping too. I have a Blue Snowball with a Pop...
  4. xandru8

    Quick editing question

    Good day everyone, just like the title sez, I am looking in to different editing possibilities and have come across "Showbox" a online editor and I was wondering if any of you has experience with it. Any information would be appreciated thank you again
  5. Dadrules

    Creating your own Sound Effects

    Hello everyone I was just responding to a thread about this topic and i thought why not add it here for everyone to see and maybe it may help someone. Ok so if you planning on making a channel that may use videos that need lots of sound effects why not make them your self instead of worrying...
  6. starylize

    Computer doesn't support HD video...

    hello yttalk community! i'm having a problem with my editing my hd video on my computer. my computer can't process HD video well and i've used hit film 4 express, and movie maker but when i import my video it becomes pixelated or lags. should i get a new computer?
  7. Adeelcool

    Which editing software does everyone currently use?

    Just wondering what editing software most people use I personally use Windows movie maker, but if my laptop could run it I'd use adobe premiere pro
  8. And_Roo

    Any Vloggers use higher end editing software?

    Personally I'm not a huge editor. I go through my clips, take out what's not needed or the long lengthy pauses when I'm trying to not sound like a moron, unless I laugh at myself...then I leave it in there hahaha. I just use simple iMovie that came with my MacBook pro. Does the trick and it's...
  9. Stockhouse

    Camera Manipulation and other questions.

    Hi everyone! Stockhouse here with a few queries to ask about editing videos. The first one is how does one manipulate their facecam during a let's play in the editing process. I assume the camera is recorded separately from the game capture. I do PC games and I use Xsplit Broadcaster so the...