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  1. KroniclePlayz

    Gaming PS4 Minecraft Let's Play/Series? And/or A Gaming Group?

    I'm looking for a PS4 player or players who wants to do a Minecraft Let's Play/Series! All the rules are below. This could possibly be a gaming group of some kind and/or a YouTube friend group and we could make a dedicated channel on our group! RULES Please link your channel and talk about...
  2. JamesGAMES YT

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Beginning

    Hi Guys, Let me know what you think of my shorter videos for episode 5 and 6. I'm trying to see if shorter videos can help my audience retention. As always leave any constructive criticism on ways I can improve my content thank you.
  3. JamesGAMES YT

    New Video Format- The Last of Us Remastered (HARD) Playthrough Part 9

    Hi Guys, For this video, I decided to experiment by doing more editing and making the video shorter. I plan for videos after part 9 to be even shorter as I want to start recording in hour intervals instead of an hour and a half. The reason I decided to do this is that I noticed my audience...
  4. JamesGAMES YT

    Mind-Numbing- (TLOU2 HYPE) The Last of Us Remastered (HARD) Playthrough Part 8

    Hi guys, Getting to the part of The Last of Us where the game starts to get even darker. I hope you're enjoying the playthrough so far. As always leave any constructive criticism you may have for my videos.
  5. JamesGAMES YT

    ESCAPING PITTSBURGH- (TLOU2 HYPE) The Last of Us Remastered (HARD) Playthrough Part 7

    Hi Guy, The game is starting to pick up in difficulty. Can't help but wonder how brutally tough Survival and Grounded difficulties must be. As always leave any constructive criticism you may have for my videos. I want to leave you with a poll question...
  6. JamesGAMES YT

    My Favorite Video Game of All Time Playthrough (The Last of Us)

    How's it going, guys? I'm back with my second playthrough, which is a game that I have played through five times before. However, I'll be trying it out on the hard difficulty for the first time. Who's hyped for The Last of Us Part 2!? As always leave any constructive criticism you may have to...
  7. FawX

    ASHEN - PC Lets Play - Irish Content Creator

    Hello everybody, for my first series on my channel and my first post in the gaming section on YTTalk I present to you......ASHEN. A game heavily inspired by Dark Souls which if you have ever played before know that it is a very difficult game. I'm gonna find out for myself, plus I love a...
  8. LuminAdler

    Gaming A PC Gaming Collab

    Looking to collab on PC games, as if the thread name and category wasn't enough of a give away for that, haha I am LuminAdler, have 211 subscribers and looking to collab with those who have 100+ subs themselves and have maybe 50+ videos uploaded shall we say?, not tied to any one particular...
  9. TheBiscuitFoundation

    1 Million Total Video Views

    Well since I'm not allowed to celebrate 1.5 Million here, considering I've never celebrated any other milestone on these forums, I am going to celebrate reaching 1 Million Total Video Views as well as my 7 Years anniversary on Youtube (technically, 10 years but 7 years on my current channel)...
  10. Ziegenbagel

    PixARK Season 1 Playlist

    checkout the first season of PixARK! Planning an enhanced series with better rates, per level stats, etc! Live Long and Prosper!!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXQG743XP36u4vlkvEkV3QcqoVMh0hJ4
  11. MultiDragon129


    INJUSTICE 2 - ICEE BATTLE! - GAMEPLAY W/ GRANDHERITIC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, we’re back for some more...
  12. MultiDragon129


    DARK SOULS 3 Gameplay Series W/ RICDRAGONZR4U | HOLY CRAP WTF! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MultiDragon129 back...
  13. MultiDragon129


    DARK SOULS 3 GAMEPLAY W/ RICDRAGONZR4U | FAKE CHRISTIANS! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MultiDragon129 and RICDRAGONZR4U playing Dark Souls 3...
  14. MultiDragon129


    DARK SOULS 3 Series LP W/ RICDRAGONZR4U | PROFANED CAPITAL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everybody! This...
  15. Heizenblog

    Football Manager 2018 - Episode 006 Now Live

    Check out episode 006 of Football Manager 2018 Road to Riches. Please let me know what you think, constructive feedback please.
  16. BullMoose

    Let's Play SWTOR - Ripple Effect

    This episode is thick with SWTOR story development and sees Moose battling new creatures and more powerful enemies.
  17. BullMoose

    Pink Powa too strong | Retro Games

    There was a time when I was really good at this game....
  18. Kaytonix

    Wanting honest opinions on my channel!

    Hello everyone! My name is Kaytonix! I'm currently creating pokemon and sims 4 content! My channel just shy of being a month old! I would really love some honest feed back on my videos! Is the content entertaining? Are the thumbnails attention grabing? Anything I need to improve on? Thank you so...
  19. Kaytonix

    Sims 4 Lets Play

    Hello everyone! I'm wanting to start a sims 4 Lets play but I'm not sure what to do first! I'm stuck between a 100 baby challenge, a legacy challenge, or something else. What do you guys like to watch for sims 4 content?
  20. Naybor

    YouTube Content: Niche or Variety?

    Hi guys! Its been a minute since I've posted. I wanted to post a question and get your advice. Is it better to only focus on one niche thing for your channel, or to have variety. I do Pokemon Card openings and a variety of games and sketches. I thought I would get your opinion on the matter...
  21. J

    Gaming Looking for gaming friends to collab with

    Hey guys I'm looking for gaming youtubers to collab with! I built my PC so I can run any game in the world and I'm 23 for those curious. I always upload 1080p 60fps videos no matter what if that matters to anyone. Some games I have are (not limited to): Garry's Mod Any golf game CS:GO Black...
  22. ThumbMuscles

    Finally back after a LONG break, thoughts of my newest video?

    Hello everyone I'm finally back to the grind after a long break due to school and family related business. I want to start frequently uploading (2-3 times a week) and see how far I can take this thing. In my past videos I've had bad audio issue where I sound bad and loud then quiet, etc. I feel...
  23. DigiBox

    Comedians break an RPG!

    We had some fun with this hopefully you enjoy i am insanely proud!

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Let's Play Episode 2

    We are gonna play some more Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. I played this game for the first time last week and I have been missing it ever since. So, we are gonna have some fun! Let's play some Battlegrounds!

    Let's Play Amnesia The Dark Descent (First Time Gameplay!)

    I have seen PewDiePie play this and Markiplier and I think this game was a big part of what made them famous. So, I figured why not try it. So, let's play! This will be the first time gameplay! I have never play this before and wanna see if the jump scares in this game can scare me. LOL Hope...
  26. ChaseocavoTYtalk

    Getting started let's playing

    hello everyone I'm new here but I've better doing Let'sPlays on YouTube for a while now and I thought I would share some knowledge to help some new people get started. 1. First, you're going to need a decent computer. you could probably get way without out a good computer if you're going to...
  27. Couples Crusade

    We get terrified by a forest, pig, elk, demon thing!!

    This is our most recent video and we are quite happy with how it turned out. We hope that it is enjoyable for everyone else, we'd love some feedback from anyone willing to give it.
  28. AMX Gaming

    Hilarious Fails And Running From Creeps | Little Nightmares #8

    Hello and welcome to Little Nightmares #8 in this gameplay we see hilarious fails, AMX tries his best to get around one section but fails so much and is so funny to see how it goes down, once we pass that section is off to the races, we are chased by creeps that want to eat poor Josie. Immerse...
  29. The Insane Reaver

    State of Decay: YOSE - Day 3 | Breakdown | Helping The Neighbors and Busting Infestations!!

    Let's play some State of Decay YOSE today shall we!! And today we're going to be helping out our neighbors and Busting at least 3 different zombie infestations!! Hope you guys enjoy and find this somewhat helpful in your "zombie infestation busting" endeavors. Have a GREAT WEEK and keep it CRAZY...
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