logo design

  1. HussainHilali

    Services Excellent Bespoke Branding, Tailor Made For You!

    About me I'm a freelance graphics designer with over 5 years of experience that focuses on creating minimal, timeless branding tailored to the needs of my client. Unlike other sellers, I'm a solo designer, I handle each project personally, and put my full effort into every piece of work I...
  2. JayyDaGawd

    Constructive criticism needed!!!

    Hey guys!!! I just started learning photoshop and I have created 3 logos and a channel art so far. I think they are decent for not knowing what I'm doing and not having much experience yet. I am looking for other people's opinions and looking for any help or suggestions people have. Any kind of...
  3. Roman Ryder

    How to Brand and Start a Business - FAST!

    In this video, I provide strategies for naming your business, reserving your name, and getting a logo. I also provide a free download with links to get started fast!
  4. Raging Taurus

    Looking for artist to draw a logo.

    I'm a new YouTuber named Raging Taurus. Its a gaming channel, and I am looking for an artist who is willing to draw a logo for me. If your interested message me on twitter and I'll let you know what I am wanting it to look like. Of your also willing to help even more an artist to draw thumbnails...
  5. Derrick Toys

    Request Kids Fun Channel Logo

    Hi, seeking a kid friendly logo for our family channel - Kids Fun Reviews in exchange for Yttalk cash. Currently I have bubble letters but looking for a more professional look with a border ( cartoon tv or colorful circle - with name inside) Creative Logo that stands out to grab kids...
  6. Warhammer

    Services Very High Quality Thumbnails, Banners and Logos!

    Hi all, I am a professional freelance designer and have been working for almost 4 years now. I have been creating designs for many YouTubers and other businesses/big companies. I am extending my services to the people of YTTalk and would love to design for you guys :) However, I charge money...
  7. Wallz

    Request I need help creating a logo..

    So, I wanted to make my channel branding look really good but the problem is i cant think of a logo. I see that other people already have really nice logos and I'm thinking that It's maybe the reason why they all have more subscribers than me. Also If you could help me with improving my branding...
  8. Mr.E31

    Request I need help designing a logo for my channel/T-shirts

    Hey everyone, I need help with a logo. I'm looking for someone that can design a simple logo that I can use in T-shirts and branding. I'm also looking for someone to do it on the cheap. I have the colors but other than that its I have nothing lol... Please contact me for details.
  9. cosmicjenny

    Request Intro for new upcomming collaberation channel

    hey there! okay so im forming a new collab channel and need your help. the channel name is OverallySocial. its a new upcomming collab channel thats going to be filled with nerd talks , pod casting and more! so i need some professional. i know a thing or two about overlays and masking but i want...
  10. Eastern Bar Athletics

    How is our Branding?

    Im curious as to what you all think of our branding. As a graphic design major I feel as though I have created a unique enough logo but of course I have my own bias. What do you guys think of how it functions on the channel page? Im planning on changing the banner photo in the coming weeks as I...
  11. Whatwillhappenif?

    Request [Free] I need a logo for my channel :)

    Is there any great person here can make 1 logo for my YouTube channel? I have made one, but I do believe it's super ugly. :(:( You can check it on my channel. I just need this text to be included "What will happen if?" You can add any background any color or any shape to this text or you can...
  12. TheChillGhost

    Request Hi! I'm in need of a more professional looking logo [Free]

    Hey, I would like to keep the same logo I have for the most part, I'm just looking for someone to clean it up, make it more professional looking, maybe some 3D. Idk if that makes any sense. Let me know if you'd be interested in helping me out. I'll appreciate it very much.
  13. JaytosYT

    Services Affordable Professional Logo Design! ( √ )

    Hello YTTalk! I have been designing logos for about 6 years now and I don't get too much client work. I'm looking to design you guys some very high-quality logos for a low price! :) PRICES Letter Logo - $10 Text Logo - $10 ( SOLD 1 ) Illustration Logo - $25 PAST WORK Thank you for...
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