1. BuBleuX45

    Gaming Competitive Overwatch Crew | PS4

    Hey guys. I'm looking to find a group to record some competitive Overwatch on PS4. I'm from the UK and have 182 subscribers. If you want to join me, you must: Have Skype Decent mic PS4 and Overwatch (obviously) We could play more than just Overwatch but Overwatch is the main reason of the...
  2. VoltiacYT

    Gaming Youtube Gaming Group - 13 years or older please :)

    Hey there! I see you want to join a gaming/recording group. Here is a list of games that I play, If you have 3 of the gaming and are interested in my offer, please respond with your skype and steam. List: - L4D2 - Overwatch - CSGO - Gmod - H1Z1 - Rust - Black Ops 2 - The Forest - Far Cry 4 -...
  3. born2bleach

    Gaming PC Funny Group (PC)

    I am looking for a group of youtubers who I can collaborate with in the near future. We will look to play such games as csgo / gmod / tf2 / h1z1 / cod : waw / and more Requirements Ages 14 -20 Must have good channel art Entertaining/funny Good English not a leafy clone To get into contact...
  4. lolSeafood

    Gaming Looking for a group of cool people to record with (YouTube Group)

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a group of people to record with. I'm looking with some dedicated people who want to make a group like "The Sidemen". We would record together alot. And I'm looking for about 5 more people. Exceptions can be made though :D Hope you guys see this :D
  5. H

    Gaming Funny Momments Team Join Me!

    I have holy a few subs by get 100s of views on a my vids! To join the group all you have to do is reply to this or comment on 1 of my vids and I will get back to you! We will play all games anything! And we will upload funny momments every other day! So anyone can join as long as your not boring...
  6. DTay Chaos


    Is there anyone RIGHT NOW who wants to record Gmod with me and a friend? message me on skype dtaychaos asap! We wanna record prop hunt and upload
  7. born2bleach

    Gaming Gmod - CS:GO - Minecraft (LETS Start a fun Group)

    1. Must have aleast ONE of these games // gmod // csgo // css // mw2 // h1z1 // tf2 // minecraft // left 4 dead 2 // unturned // 2. must be at least 13 and up 3. have a solid fan base 4. and be happy and enjoyable to the viewers :) 5. Active skype : partyxxbot hit me up for a collab
  8. Shylyrushed

    Gaming Looking for HQ group to record with!

    Hey my name is Shylyrushed (Drew) and im looking for a group of fellow tubers that want to record together and upload the footage to our respective channels giving different points of view. I play COD, Garrys mod, Overwatch, GTA, and warframe and more. I am 18 years old and am trying to produce...
  9. Ironslot

    Gaming Looking for a gaming group

    hi people i'm looking for a youtube group this is what i am looking for - be at least 14-16 years old - Know how to handle your self - Never get offended - always be happy thx i will check who is applying and there channel
  10. TierOneProductions

    Gaming Channel Looking for members! (XBOX)

    Hey guys we are tier one productions! We are a channel with about 100 subs (MASSIVE rights?), anyways, we are looking for new dedicated members. We do lets plays, commentaries, VN walkthroughs, pro tip videos, as well as funny clip shows. Mostly our content is xbox, but we do have some PC games...
  11. Morpheus0316

    Gaming Blade and Soul Group

    Hey guys morpheus here been a minute but i'm back. I'm looking for people are enthusiastic, who also stream on a consistent not necessarily daily to do blade and soul with me. I'm looking for people who are just starting out. The only real requirements are that you have good internet connection...
  12. I

    Gaming 15 year old Muslim Funny Moments Youtuber looking for collabs on PC or Xbox one. Long term group idm

    Hey guys I'm a UK based British Pakistani kid looking for collabs for funny moments vids! Before you ask for free curry (which I do distribute dont get me wrong) go check out my channel and if them types of vids look good to you hit me with a reply or comment on one of my vids. Im looking for...
  13. DTay Chaos

    Gaming PC GAMING GROUP!!

    Looking for a pc/mac gaming group must have L4D GMOD MINECRAFT ETC... kik that_bro_monte skype dtaychaos anyone interested
  14. RadiantGaming

    Looking for YouTubers to Colab with

    Hello you Rad people Radiant here. Recently I have been searching for people to colab with me and my friend to make entertaining YouTube videos. If any of you would live to colab with us and join our awesome group just leave a link with your channel ^^