1. J

    "Finding Dory" V-Log Review

    Feel free to check out my review of Pixar's latest feature "Finding Dory"
  2. S.A.D

    Best animation in a movie?

    for me some of the best animation I have ever seen was in 2003s Treasure Planet, I futuristic take on Robert.L. Stevenson's novel treasure Island. It was not the greatest movie true, but OH MY GOD it was beautiful. The mixture of CGI to hand drawn animation and the aliens. So much imagination in...
  3. Sneezy_bih

    Voice Acting Voice acting?

    i honestly have never heard of voice acting on YouTube but what the hell.. My voice is pretty funny to listen too.. Not squeeky but no base in it either lol. Only when I'm sick than its sexy deep lol. I would prefer something upbeat because my voice isn't a depressing voice. Check out my videos...
  4. Anjim

    When Animation Quality Goes Wrong In Anime

    This video is inspired by CJ Vs. Manga "When Anime Goes Wrong" - Anime Midwest 2016 panel
  5. Noody Creations

    Short Film Looking for Sound Designer for Animated Short [Paid]

    Hi, My animation team is looking for a Sound Designer to help with a rough cut for an animated web series pilot. Not a requirement but some animation knowledge would be helpful as you will be working with some incomplete/playblast shots. The pilot will be used as part of a funding proposal...
  6. Anjim

    Ruby Rose's Hidden power from RWBY

    I cant wait for volume 4
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