1. KQ4rt


    Hey guys! I always do digital landscape painting so now I decide to do something different and that is animation! This is my first animation video (apart from the intro of course lol) about one of my most favourite Youtubers! At first I want to make a chibi character painting of all my fav...
  2. smouchysmouch

    feedback for the first video in a series to come!

    Hi guys smouchysmouch here, so I just wanted to get feedback for this video in a series I will be doing. Quick explaination on what it is? You got it sir/mam! I run a dungeons and dragons (tabletop game) campaign on roll20 (website that lets you hosts tabletop games) and I recorded the audio...
  3. Commander Skull

    Hello. What are your thoughts about vlog's?

    I recently decided to start doing vlog's and not any kind of vlogs but a special kind of animated/cartoon vlog's. What are your thoughts about such a thing? Should a vlogger do vlogs where he only shows his face or can there be a creative approach to such things?
  4. Anjim

    Support Small Youtubers Project

    Any small Youtubers might ask this question. Is Youtube talking away views and subs? Do I feel like giving up because of this? Will I get notice and make this to a full-time job? I know there is no tool or sponsorships to help small Youtuber grow. I don't want to feel divided and I want to...
  5. Shaun Fawson

    This is what happens when an animator vlogs

    Hey guys, My name is Shaun Fawson. I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah. I recently started vlogging a project I'm working on this summer. Basically I raised enough funds to quit my full time job and work on a short animated film and every week I update my followers on my progress, and each weekly vlog...