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So we all know that Drama Alert is kind of in the middle of a shitpile right now. With that being said the top YouTube News Channel is Philip DeFranco and I don't see that changing anytime soon. The largest growing News channel right now is Scarce. Now personally I like Philip DeFranco's show the most. Scarce has grown exponentially the past few months for uploading some of the easiest videos to make. He uses gameplay, which isn't his, and simply tell you the news overtop. Scarce's concept is nothing short of genius- but if someone mixed Scarce's style with a good personality like PhillyD (Not trying to s**t on scarce but he is not overall entertaining). I could see this becoming very popular and it hasn't been done yet. The reason I believe this hasn't been done is because the majority of youtube news channels are drama alert ripoffs, the small percent that do use Scarces style of video report on news just like scarce except their videos are usually badly edited. They do this because they are not entertaining, from what I have seen.

Think about it if you aren't a very good entertainer and could get popular on youtube without actually creating 'content', would you?

This brings me to my last point, do you think someone that good creates content, could start a good - entertaining news channel on the side and if so, how popular do you think they would become?[DOUBLEPOST=1466302696,1466302080][/DOUBLEPOST]To further expand my point look at this guys content, and then look at his sub count
Even if others dont consider those kind of videos to have talent or as much entertainment value as say comedy videos, it's still seeing an opportunity and seizing it. That in itself is something most people don't do. Of course, doing it well, and to a certain standard that sets you apart, will be the defining feature that would really be "seizing" the opportunity. No half arsed jobs.

Not sure about how popular someone could become though because I dont know the niche. If theres not that much competition and the person is actively trying to create videos that are relevant and people would be searching though, I dont see why not.
Scarce is growing due to all the drama he's been in though. When he left Red Reserve, he got an influx of subs from that due to Rain and Banks talking about it. Then right after all that had died down, Keemstar gets into all of the drama and Leafy and Rice tell people to sub to the competition, which is Scarce. Personally, I like Scarce, but I know that he isn't growing due to his actual content.

With this said however, if you get the right type of exposure, you could get pretty popular for the right reasons as an entertaining news channel.
It would be interesting for someone to do a news channel and logically breaks down the stories (much like a philosopher would) most people are pretty stupid emotionally so it would be good to have a well balanced and intelligent personality break the stories down rationally