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Hey there, I am thinking of starting up my own YouTube channel. The problem I am having at the moment is my Channel Name. When ever I think of a channel name I check it on social media to see if it is "available" however the name I choose is never I mean NEVER available. I would love the name to be available on Twitter, Instagram and Minecraft (Yup, I play Minecraft - ). I would like a name that is one word (7 letters or less) and original (A made up word not in the Dictionary). I take inspiration from names like these: Skeppy, Spifey, Zeruk, Rizzial, I would love to have one I can call my own.

Thanks for helping me :)
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Start making good content, and worry about your channel name later on :) that would be my advice anyways
You can use Channel Generators to see names and how often their taken.

I would use your name oder a part of your name and then a description.

My YT Name is mipogames so I used my initals (mi)chael (Po)etsch and what I do (Let’s Play => Games) so I have mipogames