name my channel

  1. N

    YouTube name.

    Hey there, I am thinking of starting up my own YouTube channel. The problem I am having at the moment is my Channel Name. When ever I think of a channel name I check it on social media to see if it is "available" however the name I choose is never I mean NEVER available. I would love the name to...
  2. W

    Naming a channel

    I have a name chosen for my YouTube channel which is not my actual name, because I would like to keep my actual name private. The problem I have is that I don't know if I should or shouldn't name the Google profile with my actual name in order to keep it private on YouTube, but still remain...
  3. B

    Before choosing the name of your YouTube channel

    Is there any kind of a preventive measure you can take before choosing the name of your YouTube channel to somehow test it and determine if the chances for the need to change it appearing down the line are high? (apart from trademarking)
  4. Skyler Henricks

    Thinking of a please

    I'm trying to think of the name for a channel that I will be spreading Scripture but in the way that I process and understand it and hoping to translate it in a way that almost anyone can understand the true meaning behind the hopes that people will come to learn and ask questions and we...