Gaming YouTube Group Collaboration


New Member
Hi, I’m Slye. Recently I’ve taken interest in creating a small group of content creators to work together and make entertaining, thoughtful, recent, and reasonable videos or streams. All I need is people!
If you’re interested in joining a group and creating content with these people, you must meet the following criteria:

- 100+ subscribers on YouTube (we will grow!)
- Previous experience in creating, editing, and publish videos to any platform.
- Maintain a vibe for the audience that is entertaining, but also appropriate, and not crossing the line.
- Be able to work with a small group of people.
- Must be 14 years of age or older.
- Working microphone & platform of communication (preferably discord).

Interested in joining? Please contact me on Discord @ Slye#9766. I will speak with you and others, and decide who fits best for the team.

Please give me up to 4 days to give you a final decision as I may be busy this following week. This time may change depending on the day you reach out to me.

I hope to talk to some of you soon!