YouTube are putting views back

It will be nice to get some views back, but whatever happens, happens. It's not going to stop me from making videos :D
I lost over 9000! Dead serious :rolleyes: But anyways at first I freaked out cause I've never botted views or anything like that in particular and I though YouTube was going after botters and I was like "But, but, I'm not a botter!"
Looks like YouTube is doing exactly the opposite:

If someone lost more Views then me...​
I dismissed the notification before I thought to take a screencap, but YouTube apparently mis-counted mobile views between Jan-Feb, and should be putting some views back fairly soon.

I lost just over 400 views in February's recent purge. Perhaps I'll get some of those back? That'd be nice.
I have simply stopped caring about this. They take views and give back all the time.