Your First Video?

We used to make videos almost soley about how awesome Mountain Dew was. So we made what we called the Dew Trilogy, that three mini vids: A dew can taking out all the surrounding coke cans in the fridge with a light saber, a dew can that breaks out of the fridge and seeks out its owner and stops him before he can drink a coke (way to much rotoscoping on that one), and finally a guy and his dew that are best of friends. Super cheesy, but it was our first big break into After Effects. Great memories.
November 25th, 2012 I started my first letsplay on Dayz... of god, it was awful: poor sudio synch, no noise cancelling, I recorded with my headset that picked up the game's audio so there was a weird reverberation, and I would just toss it all into sony vegas without bothering to edit any of the video.

Lordy, I've come far in the quality of my content over the course of 4 months. I'm actually thinking about revisiting Dayz to do the game some justice since there's a lot of new game content and I really like the game.
My first video haha- well this was going to be my first video but luckily i did not post it.

At the time i was really into Lady Gaga i went through the crazy overdressing weird phase. So, I thought to myself one day lets do a cover of Lady Gaga- Loe game.
I set it all up, i made myself Lace sunglasses, i was wearing shoulder padded ott jacket and skinny jeans as well as i was sat on a stool in a weird position with my hands up as if i was posing as juluis ceaser.
Haha, Thank Goodness i did NOT FILM IT.
Instead, I did a coer of Now i'm that chick which you can see it on my youtube
I took my laptop into the kitchen, flipped it open, turned on the webcam and proceeded to make the worse cooking video ever made, it was a chicken dish (now taken down), I had the nerve to be proud of it. lol
I posted my first ever video which happens to be a battlefield 3 cinematic (CasPian Guards, you can find it on my channel).
I posted it because I like creating cinematics and posting them and I have my own filming crew for creating cinematics as well :D