Your First Video?

For my first ever it was a music video for Nina Gordon made from sims 2 because I really wanted to make a sims 2 music video. SUPER horrible! I didnt fully know about how to make it better quality look wise so its all pixely. lol
Mine was back when lipsyncing was still an in-thing back in 2005! Hehe.. it's still somewhere on YT, but I don't think I wanna share it :redface:
My first video was just a picture and lyric video of one of my recorded songs. I didn't have editing software at first...all I had was Windows movie maker. I just wanted to get my music out there to see if anyone liked it :)
My first video was a risen 2 review on a crappy easy cap which looked horrible lol, still on my channel too. Was only like half a year ago too.
So I have looked for a few of these videos that are mentioned, did they get deleted or are they on other channels? I only deleted 1 video from my main channel because it had copyrighted music in it, I moved it to a new channel that I will post anything similar to.
So did you make a new channel after that? I don't see the original video when I go to your channel. I still have my original video on my page and it is my highest viewed for some reason every month.

Yeah the channel linked in my sig is my 'professional' gaming channel. On it you will find a link to my 'personal' channel where I just upload random things, including things like music video's that have the potential to get my gaming account banned or striked. Ironically my personal channel has a video on it that has over 16 million views :D