Gaming [Xbox Only] Long Term Collab Team


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I'm currently looking for a long term xbox collab team of anywhere from 3-6 people (or more) who are passionate about youtube or twitch rather than just do it for the fame or money.

♡ Have access to game pass or be able to be flexible with games.
♡ Have MCC, Dead Island, Borderlands, Fable or other games yet to be specified.
♡ Be flexible with hours. I work nights sometimes while I get my channel off the ground and currently sleep 7-8 hours during the day. Which also brings me to point two, U.S/Canada Time zones preferred.
♡ Be passionate about the content you make rather than just doing it for the money or fame.
♡ No toxic players. I've had enough of people being rude and disrespectful and un-levelheaded.
♡ Have AT LEAST 50 subscribers/followers on either twitch or youtube.

♡ You keep a cool and clear head when in tough situations in games.
♡ Have a well-rounded sense of humor.
♡ Can hold a decent conversation.
♡ Not afraid to try new things.

Dont be afraid to message me on xbox @o LadyNoein for any questions/concerns or just to say your interested ♡