xbox collab

  1. V

    Gaming [Xbox Only] Long Term Collab Team

    I'm currently looking for a long term xbox collab team of anywhere from 3-6 people (or more) who are passionate about youtube or twitch rather than just do it for the fame or money. Requirements: ♡ Have access to game pass or be able to be flexible with games. ♡ Have MCC, Dead Island...
  2. A

    Meet Up/Gathering XBOX USERS WANTED

    Hey guys im kieran im 25 looking for some cool people to come along and collaborate and have fun i have a full time job and on most night to record ive been recording rainbow 6 gta 5 ark (got my own server boosted) sea of thieves minecraft and alot more but there the mains ones i play if you...
  3. MrJude12

    Gaming Funny Moments Crew

    People who want to have a laugh playing games and not take everything too serious, I am trying to get back into uploading videos more as I would love for the channel to grow and would like others to join me I play on Pc, Ps4 and Xbox one, mostly ps4 Must be 18+ Have a good mic Able to take a...
  4. I

    Gaming looking for someone to collab with xbox one pubg

    yo, looking for people to do funny moments on pubg, im 18, got 90 subs, wanting to have fun ect, need people who can take a joke, not a squeeker kid ect, need a good mic and have fun ect, xbox gamertag - IXpantherzz discord - IXpantherzz #9373
  5. MrJude12

    Gaming Looking to collab

    I have about 60 subscribers, I upload a lot of funny moments and occasionally a walkthrough of a game and would love to start uploading with other people and helping each other I play on PS4, Xbox One and am getting a better pc in the coming weeks Ps4 games I play: Rainbow Six Siege Dying light...
  6. Cody Gault

    Gaming Anyone want to collab?

    Hi I am looking for people to make videos with and maybe before friends with. I'm am looking for people who play Xbox one and wii u. if you are interested then chat with me.
  7. tedswrong

    Gaming Xbox one Collaboration!

    Hey Guys and Gals I'm looking for some people to record GTA V videos and other videos with on the xbox one or even pc games!! I have no real requirements besides sense of humor and age 16+ please. If your interested comment down below!
  8. nezra

    Gaming Xbox one collab

    Hi i am 17 year old looking to collab with other YouTubers. I play on an Xbox one console and currently have over 100 subs. I play Bo3 mostly will be buying Battlefield 1 and advance warfare and all so have mincraft and bo1. If you would like to collab leave a message or check out one of my...
  9. M

    Gaming Halo 5, 1v1

    Hello, I would like to have a 1v1 collab with someone. There aren't really any requirements except for a shoutout. I would just lika a good old 1v1 without any talking or any kind of communication. My channel currently has 37 subs
  10. Sam Anderson

    Gaming Looking for a COD or Halo 5 Group XB1

    Hey guys I'm trying to look for some Youtubers that play Halo 5 and/or Black Ops 3 to record vids with and have a good time. If you are interested comment down below and if so, please have between 150-900 subs. Thanks