If you are still looking for people to group up with, I just posted a thread of myself (which is waiting for moderation). I don't want to try and steal your thread in any means, I'm just lazy and copy + pasting my post from there. If you aren't happy with my post and see it as a thread steal, tell it and I'll remove it asap.

My post:
Hey guys,

My name is Lars a.k.a. Lars2TheV, I'm 23 years old and I'm seeking a few people or a already formed group to record gameplay with. Since I'm 23 I highly prefer collaborting with people who are atleast 18+

This week I (re)opened my channel with some fresh ideas and I'm working on my FIFA Series at the moment I'm typing this.

Besides FIFA I would like to have a (steady) group of other starting gamers on YouTube who want to record some Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 + Zombies and GTA 5 with me (just like the Sidemen is doing for example // KSI, Zerkaa, Miniminter, Behz etc.) Those games are the most fun to watch when you check the same group of people everytime and get the hang of their banter. And possibly it's also a lot more fun for me/us to record that footage, because who doesn't like to play the games we like together.

I just started, so very very very low on subs. But, if I may say it myself, my content (especially my last two videos when I finally got the hang of the edit program I'm using) is very decent to say the least (for someone who just started). So are you just as motivated as me and want to record GTA 5 and/or COD on the Xbox One, hit me up. Also possible to do something with FIFA on Xbox One (tourney or pro clubs).

Also open for other games on other platforms (I own a PS4, X1 and PC), I like to play a lot of games and some of them also suit a collaboration. Games like H1Z1, Cards Against Humanity and Garry's Mod for example.

Feel free to post a reply in this thread, add me on Steam: Lars2TheV, leave a reply under one of my videos and/or add me on Skype: mr.sneakersz
I'll definitely get in touch lars, pro clubs series would be good. There's not many of them so think we could make a splash on that.

Also down for gta.
hey bro im up for collb me and a mate we record together and play with a few mates play gta 5 and battlefield 4 together im 21 by the way. We do alot of funny moments on both those game
my youtube channel
xbox gamer tag xXausgamingXx
i have 143 subs and my mate is at 25 subs