George Hudson

Posting Mad!
Hi Everyone,

So we all want to collab with each other, however, we all live in different parts of the world. How are we going to get to collab with everyone? Well that's where I come in!
I've done this a couple of times of my channel and it has worked out great!
All I'm asking is for the following (If you want to be involved of course):

- Link to your channel (So I can add you to the description)
- A raw video clip of you saying what fear means to you and what you fear the most (no longer than 60 seconds) this needs to be unedited and un scripted just 100% you.
- Once the video up all I ask is that you share it as much as you can. With all your links in the description the more people that see the more people that will click on your links.

If you would like to be apart of this please let me know asap either through this thread or DM me on twitter @georgestweeters. Would be great to see how many people we can get.