Wich youtuber has the best editing in your opinion?

Hands down, Film riot has the best editing on Youtube! Their editing is on par with most tv shows and small feature films.
Channels like that don't really count for a question like this, though. A big, multiple-host channel like Film Riot, Smosh, Outside Xbox, etc. Will probably have a whole team of people editing their videos, so of course they look amazing. This question was more focused on youtubers who do their own editing.
Vanoss is really good when it comes to editing in a more movie-like style. But I actually like Markiplier a bit more. It looks like he really takes the time to do some cool stuff in between.
I haven't seen any mention of NigaHiga, and this surprises me. His videos are some of the most well made videos out there. I'm not sure if there's another person who works as hard on their videos as him and his crew.
I;m new to editing, so everything i see I'm trying to learn how people do stuff. I can't figure out how to get my logo to move. Watched videos on it but it won't work.
I really enjoy TheGameTheorists, TFS Gaming, Markiplier, and PewDiePie; although I think PewDiePie tends to go overboard pretty often with how much he edits.