Wich youtuber has the best editing in your opinion?

i think a lot of people could benefit from peoples opinion and maybe learn from that youtubers editing skils.

so please state your opinion :)

i think Its Miniladd and pewdiepie :)
I enjoy Pewdiepie's editing. Despite him having a ton of subscribers, I would have thought he'd be lazy with his videos, however, they're edited quite a bit.
I agree with you on Mini Ladd, love his videos and he's probably my biggest inspiration source. But I have to say that Vanoss does a great job at editing and I'd say the he is "the best" that I know of. Everything just flows so good together, it feels like he is telling a story with his videos. Also loves when he uses more advanced stuff and well made video effects. My favorite is probably during Gmod sled when they are "building" their sled.

It's impossible to say who's best but if I had to pick one it would be Vanoss.
Me... But in all seriousness, probably Vanoss or The Gaming Lemon. Very different styles, but they are both really good and smooth. That's the main thing Vanoss is known for. There's a reason he has millions more subscribers, even when he has basically the exact same content as all of his friends.