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Sep 5, 2013
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Hey there! This thread is aimed at new members or lurkers not sure about signing up.


Firstly, I would like to welcome you here. We are a friendly bunch of YouTubers who love conversing, getting help and sharing help and tips with other YouTubers and at the same time building new connections.

The forum was made for discussing anything YouTube related. You might need help editing your videos or doing such and such an effect, you might want to increase your popularity on YouTube and are looking for some tips and promotion strategies, you may want a place where you can chat with others who love making videos and YouTube as much as yourself or you might want to show off your video ideas, scripts and other related material.

What we have on offer

We offer a friendly, fun and knowledgeable community which you can become a part of. We want to get to know you, help you with anything or allow you to help us. We can all learn together at the same time and ultimately improve ourselves along the way.

Don't spam

Please note that promotion (asking for views, asking for subs, asking people to check out your channel) is against the rules. The key to YTtalk's success is that the main forums are spam-free. This ensures that the threads and discussions are of high quality. Here are the site rules in more detail: YTtalk Rules and Guidelines

Who are the staff?

Currently we have one Administrator which is myself and I am 100% dedicated to our community and making sure everything runs well, looks awesome and that the community is kept clean of trolls and free of spam. I also enjoy communicating with the community and learning and chatting with everyone here.

We also have an additional moderator: Katy.

I dont need help so what can I do here?

If like a lot of people out there you enjoy helping others making their videos, sharing feedback on their videos, talking in general about YouTube, YouTube marketing, branding and such then you will find yourself right at home, we are for both beginners and pros and one thing we believe in here is that there is always more to learn even as a knowledgeable YouTuber/Video maker. You never know you might learn something new with us :)

We hope that we have now given you enough information for you to join us and become involved and we really look forward to seeing you here. The sign up process is very quick and simple too.

Click here to Sign Up

If you are having any trouble signing up please contact us here.

We are always very happy to help!

Thanks for reading, see you around the community :)
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