Where will YouTube be in the future?


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Hey Guys,

I was talking to a friend the other day about how fast technology rushes forward these days. It's incredible how many advances were making. How do you think YouTube or video streaming in general will adapt? Where do you see YouTube in 10/20 years? Do you think it will even still be around or relevant?

Interested to hear your thoughts, I like to think it will still be relevant and who knows how we will be uploading and sharing our content!

I see YouTube continuing to thrive as the largest online video search engine. However, I feel like if YouTube doesn't stay ahead of the game, other competitors will eventually be on the same level as YouTube. We already have an instance of a site wanting to compete with YouTube when we look at Twitch. They recently added video uploading to their platform, making it more accessible for users who favor pre-made content. That being said, no site can currently compete with YouTube at the moment. YouTube has been running at a loss for years now. The only reason it's still up is because Google likes being able to say, that it owns the worlds largest search engines.

I don't see YouTube going away soon, if they make smart decisions. If they don't however, I could easily see Amazon take over with Twitch, or even Vimeo come in to close that gap. A lot of these sites have a lot to learn before YouTube can go down, but I think it could be done.
It will continue to evolve, and with it we will evolve. It will still be a sharing site for everyone to be a part of!