Where am I doing wrong ? Channel Review


I've Got It
Hey guys I just started YouTube 3 weeks ago and I have to say that I love to make videos. It is really fun and time consuming hobby. But I also want to reach out to some people that they dont even know that they are searching for me. But for that first I have to improve. I have done a decent amount of videos in these days and I hope you could check them out and give me some feedback. I only have 2 aspects that i want you to review.
1- The Content; I´m a half Turkish half Hungarian guy studying in Germany so as you can understand I like Multiculturality. I try to make some funny and entertaining gaming videos that will appeal to the most of the YouTube community. I try to not fake anything but since I m new there might be some parts that you think is not genuine enough. I´m planning to do some interesting stuff in this week so it wont be only Let´s Plays. I also will be doing some colabs with some of my friends.
2- Branding; It is really self explanatory.

I hope you can spare your time to give me some feedback since I know we all have a lot in our plate.