What's your Channel about!!?

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My channel isn't a set genre yet I feel like but for right now it's mostly beauty videos. I have a couple drawing stuff up there and a vid of my dog playing mariokart that I thought was funny lol I really just started making YouTube videos because I LOVE makeup but when I searched for people around my skin tone, there weren't that many and it was hard to find. So I wanted to make videos to help other people with similar skin tones.

Unfortunately these threads end up with pages and pages of posts talking about their channels and we like to keep promotional threads out of the main forum. So your thread is unfortunately causing people to break the rules through no fault of their own. It really isn't fair on the other members.

Please have a read of the rules with regards to how and where people can promote their channels: http://yttalk.com/threads/yttalk-rules-quick-and-easy-to-read.127266/

Some advice:

Everyone has a link in their sig and many people have a video too. Members can therefore browse / search the forums and check out other members' channels quite easily without having to start a thread.

Also there are also plenty of members' videos in the videos/channels section (http://yttalk.com/forums/videos-channels.9/) which would welcome a view I'm sure.

And don't forget the advanced search: --> http://yttalk.com/search/?type=post

And don't forget if you have an idea for collaborating on a video with another YTtalker, there is the collab section: http://yttalk.com/forums/collaborations-meet-ups.42/

Finally, to be able to promote your videos in the "videos and channels" section and to have a video in your sig, then you can become a VIP member (free) - More info -> http://yttalk.com/threads/vip-memberships-and-forum-cash.14456/

Conclusion: There are lots of ways of finding channels and videos that interest you here at YTtalk without creating a "tell me about your channels" thread.
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