whats the biggest problem a youtuber faces?

In your opinion what's the biggest challenge you face as a youtuber? Just trying to start a quick conversation! :) I find these topics interesting.
The biggest problem a youtuber could have? I would say, doing something that would ruin your reputation

Just ask Austin Jones (I'm afraid i probably can't say what he is accused of. An admin is on me about PG-13 content lol)

I would say getting your videos out there. It's hard to find trends to make videos about, and even when you do make a video that you think should do really well because of trends, tags, etc. it sometimes doesn't do well. So I'd say the hardest part of being a youtuber is getting your videos out there.
Exposure. You can produce super high quality content, but if it gets drowned in the thousands of other videos uploaded a day, then nothing really happens. Networking, marketing, exposure is the hardest thing IMO these days.
Another vote for getting noticed. Getting exposure for a video you think is of interest, or for your channel as a whole...