What makes more sense?

So i believe that something is actually wrong with my camera as i have followed all the steps to get less noise, i also have dropped this camera twice..don't know if that gives any more info and it still is there, i also have had this camera for 3yrs, so i'm deciding what i should do, i want to buy the g7 as i have heard it is a good upgrade from the t3i, but then there are denoiser software that can help but they cost $300 just for the denoiser, i''m talking about neatvideo, its that price because i use davinci resolve and the full version of resolve is the same price with denoiser and other features that i wont find very useful. I just don't know if i want to spend $300 on just a denoiser when i could spend more mind....$300 more and get a fully upgraded camera or just pour more money into lights and lenses even though i don't think it would help so i'm stuck, i want to hear your guys thoughts which makes more sense?

btw i use a 50mm f/1.8 and have 3 lights..audio is good too
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