what do touring vloggers do?


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recently i've seen big vloggers do tours.
eg. roman atwood, fouseytube and a few others.

these people are not stand up comedians or musicians. they are primarily vloggers.

i find the whole touring vloggers weird cos they create videos. they aren't known for doing music or doing standup.

what do these people do on tour?

do these people just talk about youtube on stage?

do people attend these tours?

i can understand if it's a panel type setting where 4-5 big youtubers go on tour and sit on a panel and answer questions but i don't know how 1 touring vlogger could tour?
People like Yousef (Fousey) and Roman were already successful for their
prank videos in the past and also their previous vlogs.
Now, it seems like because of their fame, they are just taking it easy and getting "money greedy" by going on these tours.

To answer your question, you can watch videos of the Roman vs Fousey Tour which is simply just them standing up, talking about YouTube and dissing each other, asking the audience to pick who is their favourite. Nothing really that special.
Sometimes people like to see the vlogger's personality everywhere specially those who has some attractive Karisma regardless to their number of subscribers. It seems vlogger found touring is a very easy way of producing videos and does not require too much of video editing.
People like them can always find b******t to talk about, because that's what they are, full of b******t.
Then there will always be an audience foolish enough to go to their shows.